Listen to the taste of old Man in Fujian

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I have seen a lot of plum blossoms. I have a special feeling for this piece of merlin near sanfeng Temple in Guanyuan, Jingxi Town.Because it is a piece of — old plum.▲ (” Plum falls numerous branches thousands of pieces, still from amorous, learn snow wind turn “) ancient literati are ximei, xu Mei painting mei.But carefully taste, in their pen, all is the image of Lao Mei, this image is due to a “thin” word: “up scratching the head, plum shadow horizontal window thin” “Jiang Han yan shadow plum thin, four dust-free, snow flying clouds, night window like day.”Ice bone qinghan thin a branch, jade people on the first magnolia.”…The word “thin” has an image, describing Lao Mei’s loneliness, pride and bitterness, as if a plum tree with fresh bark and soft branches could not be called “Plum” even if it was full of flowers.Plum should have vigorous old pile, arch branch oblique yi, flower can open not much, but bark must have “taste” — showing the vicissitudes of life that has been severely polished by years wind and frost, as if a person, only through a lot of setbacks in the human world, just had liangbin that time flows through the feet.Therefore, old Plum wins in the bone, not in the flower.And bones and muscles are in the bark chapped by wind and frost, in the old pile twisted by the years.View plum, is to admire qiu Zhi and forget jiao flowers.The old plum here, each tree is decades old pile, low, transparent honest.The bark has become black and brown, under the tree is the fresh moss and fresh green grass, forming a bright color contrast, has a strong visual impact from afar.A whole large area, flowering is not much, do not know when not to, or the vitality has gone, this can not open how many flowers.But it is the pink flowers dotted with cold branches, the old trees with flowers, just have the unique appearance of Mei.Write the poem of mei ten million, I like alone “shuying oblique water shallow, dark fragrance floating on dusk.”This sentence, the whole sentence has nothing to do with the word “mei”, but write the characteristics of mei – cold thin thin thin, dark fragrance qingshallower.Only fourteen words of the picture on the paper, there is a visual density, pollen and white, and smell of incense floating, if there is if there is no.Cross branch full moon, water clear shadow sparse, color thick fragrance light, dark night deep……Form, color, taste, feeling, rhyme are all in it, showing a kind of can only be understood, can not be said, can only have in the heart, but is the beauty of the mouth.When you sigh at poet Lin Bu’s literary ability, I sigh more that it was Lao Mei’s unique charm that inspired the poet’s instant inspiration and made such poems lasting through the ages.Old plum shape zhuo xiangyuan, not hyper not humble, in a variety of colors, not with “yan” bo eyeball, more not threatening edge, only so silly to stand, but let a person dare not underestimate, more dare not disdain, as the hermit gao Ren, never in the river’s lake, river’s lake has been spreading his story.This is Lao Mei, collecting fragrance hide color, extremely restrained, live out their own a lonely and proud, but own fragrance.The old tree with flowers, not stunning but youth, attracted countless scholars bow.And we, if we can live out the wonderful old plum, old is old, big wisdom is also if fool, occasionally also with flowers, it is to live out the realm of self.Special announcement: this article is selected from the mailbox submission, due to limited space, slightly deleted.Listeners are blessed!In addition to listening to the column “Listening to Marquis Min” in “Meeting Marquis Min” wechat official account, you can also log in Himalaya FM to search and follow “Meeting Marquis Min” and listen to the column “Listening to Marquis Min” at any time in the APP client. The column is a long-term online collection of beautiful articles related to Marquis Min. About 800 words can be submitted to yjminhou@126.comWait for your words to become beautiful sounds?Welcome to contribute!The tian, Song GUI, Zhang Xiang, Edited by Zhang Xiang, Song GUI, Wang Liqiang, Pan Jie, Xie Yongjie, Ni Xinxin