Face xi Menqing’s torture torture, see pan Jinlian how to dissolve his secret affair crisis!

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In chapter 54, xi Menqing suspected that Pan Jinlian was dating with a servant in the garden and caught the violin boy for questioning. He found pan Jinlian’s gourd sachet on the violin boy’s pants.Ximen Qing’s majestic voice frightened the instrument boy so much that he couldn’t open his mouth for a long time. He stammered, “It was picked up by a little man when he was cleaning the garden one day. It wasn’t given to me.”Ximen Qing see he is not honest, anger more and more big, gnash teeth command men: “tie up, give me a good dozen.”The next people took the violin tied like zongzi, ruthlessly hit thirty sticks, hit the violin that called a miserable.Ximen Qing called to Bao, “Tear off the sideburns of this dog slave and drive him out of the house forever.”Qintong was punished, to Ximenqing knock a head, crying was driven out of the house.Pan Jinlian in his room to hear the piano was out of the house.You look like you’ve been thrown through the ice.After a while, Ximen Qing rushed into the room.Pan Jinlian is afraid of big spirit son all dare not breathe, carefully serve the West door to take off clothes.Ximen qing just took off the outer unlined upper garment, conveniently give Pan Jinlian son a big scrape.Pan Jinlian could not bear the force and fell to the ground.Ximen Qing paid Spring mei, the front and back doors of the small courtyard all dead, not allowed to put a person in.He took a small chair and sat down under a shelf in the yard. Then he found a whip and held it in his hand. “What you have done, kneel well!Pan Jinlian knows her faults and dare not kneel.With uneasy mood, kneel in front of Ximen Qing.He hung his head and dared not utter a word.West door qing say: “you smelly old woman, you now don’t tell me that you dream inside and this small slave have an affair.I have examined him thoroughly, and he has confessed.How many lessons did you have with him while I was away?”Pan Jinlian cried, “Oh, my God!You really do me wrong. During the past half month when you were away, I spent all day sewing with Third sister Meng.In the evening, he closed the door early and fell asleep.I really don’t have anything with him.I seldom come to this corner these days.If you don’t believe me, ask Chunmei what she doesn’t know about everything that goes on in this yard.”Pan Jinlian call spring plum come over, say: “good sister, you come over, say with master, exactly is how back to matter?”West door qing scold way: “you smelly old woman, someone say you wrapped the gold head hairpin on the head two or three all secretly gave a small minion qintong, you still don’t admit to now.”Pan Jinlian quiver way: “you can want injustice dead me!I don’t know what kind of horrible, gossiping little man is accusing me of liking piano boys.It’s just that you often come to my room to pet me, and I’m not convinced!With this no reason of the thing to wrong me, you give me the zanzi are several, one by one in, you go to check.Why should I give them to that minion for nothing?If he’s a good piece of material, you’re wrong about me, and I’ll take it.He’s just a dirty little boy.I have been accused of nothing.”Ximen Qing said: “Of course, there is no one missing the zanzi.”Then he took out the calabash sachets from his sleeves and asked: “Is this yours?How did they find it on the body of this minion?Why do you insist?”Say more irritated, grab horsewhip dozen on pan Jinlian body, whoosh 1!Immediately a whip imprint appears in pan Jinlian’s back.Pan Jinlian could not bear the pain, her eyes brimming with tears, and she begged for mercy: “Mr. Bennet, please spare me!Listen to me. If you don’t listen to me, you’re gonna have to shoot me to make this place dirty.When you were not at home, third sister Meng and I were working in the garden. We passed under the wooden incense shed. Maybe we lost the gourd there because it was not tied tightly.I didn’t go to look for it that day. Who knew it was the dog slave who picked it up? How could I give it to him?”This sentence is the same as what the violin boy said. Ximen Qing suddenly became soft, and saw Pan Jinlian was beaten miserably, crawling on the ground, crying delicately over there, very pitiful.All of a sudden, the anger in my heart went away.Ximen Qing called Spring mei over and asked: “Did this bitch do that shady thing with the instrument boy?If you say you’ll spare the bitch, I’ll spare her.””My Lord, how can I say this?My fifth wife and I are inseparable every day. How could my wife possibly hang out with that dog slave?These ah, are others jealous of our master and servant two just made rumors.My Lord, you have to decide for us!If the charge of adultery with others is confirmed, how can we be a human being if it gets out?”Spring mei a few words, the West door qing said nothing.Less inclined, Ximen qing lost whip ordered Pan Jinlian to wear good clothes, and let qiu Ju ready to eat, drink wine.Pan Jinlian wei Wei nuo of get up, poured a cup of wine, both hands encounter before Xi Menqing.Kneel down to look at the face of Ximen Qing.Ximen Qing at this time slightly relaxed face, said: “I will forgive you today, I later whenever not at home, you can be careful to keep women!Close the doors and Windows early every day, don’t think about those have no.This time I when did not happen, you want to change one’s face, if have next time, see I don’t pick up your skin!”Pan Jinlian answered: “keep in mind the master’s command, the slave must do according to the master’s command.”Again to West door qing knock four heads, just stand up.Sit beside accompany Ximen qing drink.This Pan Jinlian is spoiled by Ximen qing at ordinary times, be humiliated into such today.Is really should that sentence: human mo female body, one hundred years of pain and happiness by others.While they were drinking wine, a servant knocked at the door and said, “Uncle Wu, uncle Wu, uncle Fu, miss Fu, uncle and other relatives are waiting in the living room with presents for your birthday.”Ximen Qing abandoned Pan Jinlian to the living room to meet the guests.Ximen qing’s good brother should count, Xie Xida people also sent a favor.Li Guijie will also let people, bao son sent a gift.Ximenqing can not avoid receiving gifts in front of thank you, send invitations to invite people, busy.Meng Yulou heard Pan Jinlian was beaten, know this time Ximen Qing busy in the vestibule, from Li Jiaoer and Sun Xuee, come to see Pan Jinlian.See Pan Jinlian lie on the bed, say: “good sister, after all is how to return a responsibility?Tell me about it.”Pan Jinlian tearfully said: “Third sister, those two damned men are chewing my tongue behind my back.Instigate me and master’s relationship, let master so fierce hit me.This blood feud is settled with these two bitches today…”If you want to know how the feeling after, click on the attention and collection, see me next time decomposition!