Everyone likes steamed bread, but I like it best. It doesn’t need to be fermented and kneaded. It’s delicious

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Everyone likes steamed bread, but I like it the most, it doesn’t need to be fermented and kneaded, delicious and delicious for office workers, if you want to say what kind of breakfast is the most popular, it must be steamed bread!Steam one big pot at a time and you can eat it for days!This season, the temperature is particularly suitable for eating steamed bread, but for southerners, eating steamed bread is really not an easy thing!Kneading, fermenting, waking up and so on, all of these things feel very complicated.My colleagues in the south often ask me, is there a simpler breakfast than steamed bread?Today, Meimei will bring you a breakfast that is more delicious and nutritious than steamed bread.My parents, husband and children love to eat it.There is no need to ferment and knead the noodles.It’s fragrant, waxy and soft!Pasta does not need to ferment, is simple and trouble-free, and is extremely easy.Now we all know that whole grains should be added to our weekday diet for health.Abundant rain in spring and summer, too wet air will also make the human body from the inside to the outside feel uncomfortable.Cold fever, respiratory tract infection, gastrointestinal discomfort, loss of appetite and other discomfort.At this time, eat more coix seed, yam, red dates and other food to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, so as to “remove dampness” for the body.Chinese yam is a kind of food with high nutrition and low calorie.This is a good nutritious food.Taking Chinese yam regularly can strengthen the spleen and stomach and help digestion.Male friends can eat more Chinese yam kidney tonifying.Female friends can eat more Chinese yam to nourish the skin and Yin.Eating Chinese yam regularly can maintain skin elasticity, make skin moist white, delay aging.Yams are rich in choline and soft phospholipids, which can help children improve their memory.Chinese yam is also a good product for invigorating the spleen, nourishing the stomach and helping digestion.Conducive to digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach function, can promote children’s appetite, easy to solve children’s dyspepsia and bad spleen and stomach situation.Yams are high in nutritional value, but taste is mediocre.Even adults don’t like to eat it every day, let alone children!Today, Meimei made a snack for everyone with yam.It’s soft, sweet and appetizing.Great for breakfast, snacks and afternoon tea!Let’s look at how.[Red bean yam crystal cake] Main ingredients: yam, red date, red bean 50 grams, cassava powder 100 grams, cassava powder 330 grams 20 grams of reed leaves: wash the yam skin, into the steamer steamed.Wash the red beans, put them into a rice cooker, add a little more water, cook until done, drain and set aside.Wash the dates, cut them in half, pit them and cut them into small pieces.Steam, peel and mash while hot.Pour the tapioca starch into the yam paste.Processed dates and cooked red beans are also added.Stir gently with your chopsticks.Then knead directly into a yam dough.Divide the yam dough into small doses, about 40g each, and gently separate them into ovals using your hands.Put the leaves into the steamer and put the yam balls on the leaves.When cooking food, use reed leaf pad in the following, so that not only can prevent adhesion, but also after cooking and reed leaf fragrance.That’s great!You can buy more during the Dragon Boat Festival.You don’t need oil paper to make steamed bread.It’s greener and healthier.Cover, bring to a boil and steam for 15 minutes.The crystal clear yam red bean cake is ready to serve!It’s soft and waxy.In one bite, waxy powder of red beans and yams matches perfectly with smooth tapioca flour.It slides straight into the stomach before being chewed.This is delicious.Tips: Tapioca powder has a soft and smooth taste with a hint of q. It is more refreshing than the food made of glutinous rice flour.Many friends ask if you can use other flour instead.Not recommended.Ha, although you can succeed with glutinous rice flour, sweet potato flour or flour, the taste is definitely different.Of course, if you use other flours, you can also get a different kind of food.Our Chinese food is easier to handle than western food.Red beans must be cooked and added.If you steam it straight away, it’s going to be tough.