“Daily Strategy” Lithium batteries are back, and gold is rising again

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01 disk said: index concussion down in the morning index concussion higher, afternoon by the impact of the peripheral situation concussion down, the two cities of nearly 3000 stocks, fry rate of close to 50%.In terms of the plate, the lithium battery plate rebounded strongly, Tianqi Lithium, Yongxing Materials, China Mineral resources and other trading limit, photovoltaic, wind power, chip and other circuit plate performance is active;The environmental protection plate was stimulated by the news, the crown of ecology, construction repair 20CM;Afternoon by peripheral news, hedge plate gold up, Hunan gold, western gold limit;Infrastructure plate differentiation throughout the day, the concept of digital currency fell.Shanghai index all day in the dark horse cycle near the narrow shock, two trading days in a row on the trading line, the short-term trend slightly warmer.At the same time, today’s volume can be improved, is also a benign signal.But it is still uncertain whether The Shanghai index can stand firm trading line, today after the external situation again affects the market trend, the external situation is still a great deal of uncertainty.Today, there was a net inflow of 1.544 billion northbound funds, and the sentiment of northbound funds turned bullish, but the peripheral situation had little influence in the afternoon, and the net inflow of northbound funds decreased.At the same time today northbound funds still prefer Shanghai, which Shanghai net buy 1.59 billion, Shenzhen net sell 46 billion, shenzhen today strong performance of Shanghai, but northbound funds still buy Shanghai.Capital said: the main capital buy lithium battery plate today the main capital flow into the front plate: lithium battery, new energy vehicles, salt lake lithium, lithium ore concept, non-ferrous metals, Tesla, today the main capital flow into the lithium battery plate, the net inflow of up to 18.4 billion, the main capital inflow sentiment is high.Today, the main outflow of capital in front of the sector: liquor, securities, network red concept, yuan universe, e-commerce, high-speed rail industry, virtual people, Traditional Chinese medicine, today, the main outflow direction is more scattered, while the outflow amount is not large, capital short sentiment is low.After the division of the track plate yesterday, it has been strengthening again recently, among which lithium battery has the strongest performance. Today, the net inflow of the main capital is as high as 18.4 billion yuan. The strong outbreak of lithium battery has led to serious bleeding of other plates.Yesterday active infrastructure plate today sharply differentiated, leading Zhejiang Construction investment at the end of the plate once fried, Poly union sharply lower open fell limit;Digital currency fell, leading Hengbao shares have risen day floor, day board grand occasion;Yesterday’s more active industrial machine also fell, tourism, education and other theme concepts depressed performance.Dish in important events, noon the Russian satellite network reported that Ukraine to located in the eastern part of Ukraine’s “People’s Republic of lugansk” fired mortar shells and grenades around area, affected by the risk aversion to heat up, afternoon index declined, many stocks Fried plate, safety plate gold line pull litre, western hunan gold, gold harden.According to Reuters, Ukraine has denied shelling separatist positions in eastern Ukraine.Uncertainty on the periphery remains high.Lithium battery industry chain strong outbreak, lithium ore, salt lake lithium, PVDF, phosphorus chemical, cobalt and other plates are active, among which the lithium ore concept is the strongest, the plate up more than 6%, 100 billion “lithium king” Tianqi lithium trading limit, Ganfeng lithium industry rose 6%.For the logic of lithium battery plate this week article repeatedly mentioned, mainly the price.The latest data, battery grade lithium carbonate 16 spot price has risen to 410000 yuan/ton, compared with 2020 low of 40000 yuan/ton, up over 10 times, leading to the whole in the lithium battery industry chain is located in the upstream of the lithium strongest, prices continue to rally means that the next quarterly performance is increased, so this week lithium concept for many times,It is also the strongest performance of the recent track plate in China.In addition, on the evening of February 16, the sky, can well express co, hundred million weft lithium announcement at the same time, the three companies on the same day the yuxi city people’s government of yunnan province, zhejiang huayou holding group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “hurray holdings”) signed in kunming city in yunnan province’s new energy battery the whole industry chain project cooperation agreement, create new energy battery the whole industrial cluster.New energy plate positive news, also further intensified today’s lithium battery plate bloodsucking effect.The outbreak of lithium battery also led to the strength of other tracks, photovoltaic, wind power, chip and other tracks are active, but today after the outbreak of lithium battery tomorrow, the probability of differentiation is not small, in the afternoon when the index fell in many track direction of the stock explosion will also increase the differentiation of tomorrow.At the same time, the track plate to the week of continuous market demand can continue to increase, if the amount of short-term can still not appear significant increment, it needs to reduce the track plate expectations.On February 16, The State Council decided to carry out the third national soil census starting in 2022.Data show that China carried out two national soil surveys in 1958-1960 and 1979-1985 respectively, and this year is the third.It is understood that the soil survey will take three years to complete.Under the positive stimulation, the environmental protection plate is active today, with ecological and construction restoration of 20CM in the crown.Today’s news to stimulate the performance of the plate are general, such as yesterday’s industrial machine, today’s high fell.Track plate market dominance, emotional speculative direction obviously lose money effect, high stocks only built cast a monkey, zhejiang poly joint opened sharply lower after the drop stop, digital currency leading brand equity nail-biting floor plate and the day to day, three leading beauty dish in multiple smashed to Jim drop stop, ice mound mound stocks YuanLong acto walked out of the three big Yin thread.Bad negative feedback in the direction of emotional speculation, short-term need to pay close attention to Zhejiang Construction investment, if Zhejiang construction investment also fell sharply, the direction of emotional speculation need to be cautious;If Zhejiang construction investment can maintain a strong, you can pay attention to the mood of speculative direction of repair efforts.Overall, today’s market is dominated by the track plate, the theme concept and low valuation plate caused an obvious blood effect.But in the volume can not appear significantly amplified sentiment, the market repeated rotation is not expected to be small.This publication is for use only by clients of Shanghai Qianlong Network Technology Co., LTD. 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