Continue the glory of martyrs and carry on the spirit of heroes

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Years of long river, countless heroes, for national independence, the realization of national prosperity and heroic dedication, they poured their ideals with blood, with life to defend the faith, built an immortal spiritual monument.General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that all national heroes are the backbone of the Chinese nation, and their deeds and spirit are a powerful force to inspire us to move forward.On the occasion of Qingming festival, we remember the martyrs, remember their great achievements, inherit their immortal spirit, but also to take over the baton of history, strive to write qinghai chapter of comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.Contribution to the annals of history, unforgettable memory.From the forced crossing of the Yellow River on sheepskin rafts by 100,000 troops, to the heroic struggle of captured soldiers of the Red Route Army, to the construction of China’s first nuclear weapons development base;From kou Congshan, who sowed revolutionary flames in the dark, to Mu Shengzhong, who built the “heavenly Road”, and then to Garbulong, the “herdsman governor”…In the past 100 years, countless patriots and revolutionary martyrs have fought bravely and courageously on the red land of Qinghai. They have played the heroic anthem of struggle and written a heroic epic that will last forever.Only those who uphold heroes can bring forth many heroes.The revolutionary heroes who made great contributions and sacrifices to the construction of Qinghai are our heroes and the heroes of the people. No matter how times change, we should always remember the sacrifices and contributions of the heroes and heroes.The Chinese nation is a nation of heroes, and the new era is an era of heroes.The 14th Five-Year Plan period is the first five-year period as we embark on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and march toward the second centenary Goal.Standing at a new starting point, we must bear in mind that the red Regime, the People’s Republic of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics did not come easily. We must carry forward the will of the heroes, remain true to our original mission, be firm in our ideals and beliefs, and have the courage to take responsibility for our actions. We must gather strong spiritual strength to carry forward our 14th Five-year Plan and forge ahead on our new journey.The red gene is passed down from generation to generation.We should promote the inheritance of the spirit of the martyrs in the whole society, actively create a strong atmosphere of commemorating, remembering, advocating and learning from heroes and martyrs, and constantly establish a good fashion of advocating heroes and remembering martyrs.The deeds and spirit of heroes and martyrs are an important manifestation of core socialist values and a vivid reflection of the original aspiration and mission of communists.We should promote long-term and regular study and education of Party history. We should tell the story of the Party, the story of revolution, the story of base areas, and the story of heroes and martyrs. We should carry out in-depth education in various forms of revolutionary traditions, keep the revolutionary tradition in mind, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, inspire people’s sense of identity, generate emotional resonance, and ensure that the red gene is firmly rooted.Year qingming, qingming again today.Let us cherish the opportunities more, forge ahead, be brave in the new era of responsibility, doer, forge ahead in the new journey, with greater achievements in the construction of new Qinghai memory of the martyrs, comfort the heroes.