Wisdom Bud releases The List of China’s Leading Enterprises in Patent Capacity (2017-2021)

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On March 17, Wisebud Innovation Research Center under Wisebud announced the List of China’s Leading Enterprises in Patent Capacity (2017-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the list).The list is based on 170 million global Patent data of Wisdom Sprout. It analyzes the total number of Patent applications, number of invention patents granted, number of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Patent applications and number of Patent citations of Chinese enterprises in the past five years in four dimensions to find the leading Chinese enterprises in Patent capacity.According to the four dimensions of rank list, nearly five years patent comprehensive ability of the leading enterprises, respectively is: huawei, OPPO, boe, midea group, state grid, gree electric appliances, zte, tencent, China’s ping an, VIVO, Chinese building, TCL, xinjiang, TSMC, alibaba, minmetals, southern power grid, sinopec.(See Chart 1) The above enterprises all appear in the list of four dimensions of patent power.Among them, Huawei, OPPO, BOE and Midea Group ranked in the top 10 in the sub-list of four dimensions respectively.State Grid, Gree Electric Appliances, ZTE, Tencent and Ping An of China ranked in the top 10 of the three sub-lists respectively.VIVO entered the top 10 in both PCT patent applications and patent citations.In terms of total patent applications from 2017 to 2021, State Grid, Huawei, Midea Group, Gree Electric Appliances, OPPO, China State Construction Engineering, BOE, Minmetals, China Southern Power Grid and Tencent ranked among the top 10.(See Chart 2) Among them, state Grid corporation of China, Huawei, Midea Group, Gree Electric Appliances and OPPO each applied for more than 55,000 patents in the past five years.Huawei, OPPO, BOE, State Grid, TSMC, Tencent, Midea Group, Gree Electric Appliances, VIVO and Sinopec ranked top 10 in the number of invention patents granted in the past five years.(See chart 3) In terms of PCT patent applications, Huawei, BOE, OPPO, ZTE, Ping An China, TCL, DJI, Alibaba, VIVO and Midea Group rank among the top 10.(See Chart 4) It is worth noting that Huawei “swept the board” in PCT patent applications, with more than 21,000 PCT patent applications, far ahead of the second ranked BOE.Wisdom bud patent analysts said that over the years, in terms of international patent applications, huawei, BOE, OPPO, ZTE and other enterprises have a high degree of internationalization and a large overseas demand for product sales, so the internationalization of enterprise patent layout is relatively strong.In addition, in the analysis of PCT patent application trend in the past five years, it is also found that the growth rate of emerging enterprises such as DJI and Alibaba is also very fast.Although the total number of patent applications is not superior to Huawei, it is also in the forefront of Chinese enterprises in the international distribution of patents.In addition, there are other companies that are not in the top 10 list but have more PCT patents, such as Resound, Xiaomi, Bytedance, Goer and other hot track companies also attach great importance to the international patent layout.I believe this is also the only way for Chinese technology companies to go global.In terms of patent citations, State Grid corporation of China, Huawei, BOE, OPPO, Midea Group, Tencent, Gree Electric Appliances, ZTE, VIVO and Ping An of China ranked the top 10.(See Chart 5) PatSnap is a SaaS service provider of science and technology innovation information, focusing on two major sectors: science and technology innovation information and intellectual property information service.Through machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other ARTIFICIAL intelligence technologies, Wisdom Sprouts provides big data intelligence services to technology companies, universities and research institutions, financial institutions and other institutions around the world.In addition to global patent data, Wisdom Bud also has 170 million pieces of academic literature data, more than 100 million pieces of news data, as well as various companies/institutions, corporate mergers, venture capital, scientific research funds, technology transfer, government funding, clinical trials and other data.Wisdom Bud Innovation Research Center is committed to providing independent research data, research reports, rankings, research insights and other content in the field of science and technology innovation, enabling the development of innovation industry.Note: 1. The statistical period of this list is from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021.2. PCT stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty, an international Treaty on patents.According to the PROVISIONS of the PCT, patent applicants can submit international patent applications through the PCT channel, and apply for patents in multiple countries.