The mountain wind blows, brushing the pond green grass

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Mountain wind blowing, blowing pond green grass, a few pieces of residual leaves in the water long to slide, imperceptibly, is February.Spring breeze, always so quietly come, imperceptibly.I do not know where to look up, you can see the green hills, mountains and rivers in the sun shining with dazzling light, it is how dazzling bright.At the foot of the mountain, the indescribable mountain forest stood luxuriantly in the spring rain, luxuriantly luxuriating in luxuriant green, and every time the sun rose, the leaves were like a raging flame, lighting up half of the mountain, standing proudly.Deep in the woods, a stream glides past me, its water crystal clear.The stream is tiled.Slowly flowing, slowly flowing into the distance, into the sea.I turned aside to let the wind blow.I stood in the forest, overlooking the forest, suddenly open.The water of the brook sang merrily, as if from a distance.Standing in the mountains, at the foot of a thorough feel of the smell of the mountains, it is a kind of exudation from the valley of the breath, is a hot gas in the mountains.When I bend my head, there is a fresh spring under my feet, it is a feeling of seepage from the bottom of my feet, like a human body seepage of a spring.Original article, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, contact deletion, daily update, I hope you pay more attention to