It is too late to be greedy for stocks

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After trying the law by example, the former financial liaison officer of Yiwu Chunhan School was left with only endless regrets: “Regretful knowing that the law was illegal and thinking that it would not be found;Regret oneself abandoned beginner’s mind, forgot own identity;I regretted that I had been greedy when I wanted to change…”He joined the army at the age of 18 and worked in Yiwu City after retirement.In August 2004, he transferred to Shangxi Junior High School, the predecessor of Chunhan School.A few years later, I became a full-time financial liaison for the school.At the beginning, Lou Qitian worked actively and had the professional ethics of a financial staff.But as more and more people around him traded in the stock market and made money, Lou also “changed his mind.”In 2014, jealous Lou registered a securities account and took 300,000 yuan from his family as start-up capital.Lack of actual combat experience of stock market investment, however, he entered the market namely loss, so he borrowed, fill positions, and then loss, and then borrow, fill positions again, so the loss of the hole is bigger and bigger.Driven by the obsession of “turning over the capital”, Lou Qitian lost his reason and abandoned the bottom line. By virtue of his familiarity with the financial reimbursement process, he reached into the public pocket.02 false intercept, frequently successful in May 2014, try holding the mentality, compiled the “table of Yin and Yang”, building the day forged the canteen staff salary list, inside the listing will be detained by the part of the employee’s individual ego part of social security, at the same time the inflated part to hire personnel salary, when finally submitted to the bank with their own account.In this way part of the deduction and false increase of more than 6200 yuan easily fell into their own pockets.Lou admitted that he was afraid and guilty at the beginning, but because he was not discovered, his fear disappeared.After tasting “sweet head”, Lou Qitian’s courage becomes more and more big.A month later, he did the same, followed by a third, a fourth…The unbridled appetite of the building is getting more and more unbridled.In addition to false reports, he also intercepted and withheld canteen staff, temporary staff salaries, bonuses, subsidies, the number and amount of more and more, a total of 807,400 yuan.From cautious and apprehensive to comfortable and skillful, the sky of the building sinks deeper and deeper.At the end of 2017, Wang Hao, a former financial liaison officer at Yiwu Citizen University, was sentenced to prison for embezzlement.The financial center of Yiwu Education Bureau took this opportunity to clean up the financial work of all schools in the city.In the face of inspection, Lou Qitian told a lie that the canteen was short of funds because the employee’s social security self-sufficiency should not be paid as wages to the canteen staff, and then handed over more than 190,700 yuan to the school account twice, which was successfully fuddled.In the following half a year, Lou Qitian deliberately stop, there is no deduction of false increase staff related money problems, encountered when the money is tight to borrow money from colleagues, robbing Peter to pay Paul.However, the good times did not last long. Lou Qitian, who had lent money to his colleagues and was in urgent need of money, “returned to his old business” and hit the school’s public funds, and became more and more fierce.The largest one, Lou Qitian in the name of falsely reporting the canteen staff social security funds, falsely increasing the canteen staff wage subsidies, embezzlement school public funds 181,400 yuan.After all, the paper can not cover fire.In July 2019, the school began auditing its accounts and uncovered Lou qitian’s financial irregularities.From May 2014 to June 2019, Lou Qitian embezzled public funds of Chunhan School for 48 times, totaling more than 1,608,700 yuan.Lou was expelled from the Communist Party of China and dismissed from public office in May 2021.In September, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and fined 300,000 yuan for corruption.In view of Lou Qitian corruption case, Yiwu Municipal Commission for Discipline inspection and municipal supervision committee insisted on “double investigation of one case”, Chunhan school former principal Weng mou, vice principal Wu mou due to the implementation of the comprehensive and strict party governance of the main body responsibility, were respectively warned and serious warning punishment within the party;At the same time to the municipal Bureau of Education issued “supervision Proposal”, promote the municipal Bureau of Education to further standardize financial management, the financial personnel to carry out risk and hidden trouble investigation, and strengthen the school leadership review, control, accountability mechanism, a total of 23 problems found, adjust the position of 5 people.(Website of Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Jinhua Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection)