“Five women and a hundred men,” the matchmaker said, “girls are very demanding

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There are now 30 million more men than women, and the number is still getting bigger!Every year that the number gets bigger means that there will be more and more single men, and there will be more and more people of marriageable age who can’t find a wife!It seems impossible to change the situation and some people seem destined to die alone!Boys are worried about getting a wife, girls are worried about getting a good family!The social girl’s precious and desirable degree is no less than the value of rare treasures, no matter where do not worry about the favor of the boys, some even plain, but their own advantages are like a flower full of nectar, go where can attract butterflies, attract the attention of the opposite sex!But the pursuit of many people, but no one can make their own satisfaction, can meet their own mind, so although there is no lack of pursuers, but the girl also has trouble in love!Girls are so attractive, but the requirements of love and marriage can make many men back away. Their criteria for choosing a mate vary from person to person, but the basic physical appearance and economic conditions are eternal. All girls’ view of choosing a mate is based on these two items, and then extends many additional conditions.Be like record of formal schooling, character, hobby, eloquence such and so on and so on can affect the innate gene of girl good impression degree and necessary ability!Comprehensive conditions for a lot of boys have a lack of force!The boys with good family circumstances in the city all have the trouble of not getting married. Although they have certain material conditions, others also have them. Facing so many competitors, it is not easy to stand out from others only by their insignificant conditions.Urban people are still like this, not to mention the ordinary families in rural areas with average financial resources. It is a luxury and distant thing for those families who are not rich enough to get married and have children!Rural families due to the lack of certain economic conditions, girls do not want to follow the suffering, so most will not consider, this has become ordinary families difficult to solve the problem!In some places, there are as many as 20 or 30 people in a village who can’t get married at the age of marriage. Although their eyes are full of desire for marriage, the reality is so realistic that poverty is the biggest obstacle to happiness!The girl’s parents also don’t want their daughter to have a bad life. Some of them grew up together, but their partner’s family is poor. Even if the girl is willing, the parents will not agree!Way of rural local boy looking for a girlfriend now mostly about his former classmates, because of the familiar, as long as the family get by the other party can accept, if students are married light, will let others introduced, through friends, relatives introduction to find a wife is not in the minority, so some people saw the opportunity, dedicated to start the business!Give men and women lead red rope not only can earn money, also can achieve other people’s marriage, solve other people’s lifelong event, is also a good thing!Everyone is happy!But with the girl marry less and less, some boys want to blind date is not an easy thing, so many competitors, others as long as they hear a little wind immediately find someone to say, some slow even talk about the opportunity!So a lot of girls will have a lot of experience, constantly see, constantly talk, constantly pick, see which good will which!All say predestination is day is doomed, but now this realistic society I pour feel is predestination money is doomed!The phenomenon of girls picking boys is widespread, and it is not unusual for one person to see a few. Boys basically know this situation, so they will not care about it!It is normal to choose one from several, but at a matchmaking event in Xuzhou, five girls were choosing among hundreds of boys!I couldn’t believe it when I saw this. I knew there was an imbalance in the ratio of men to women, but I was a bit shocked by how serious it was!Recently, a blind date convention in Xuzhou became a rare alternative scenery line, the number of blind date on this day reached hundreds of people, many people eat melon hot discussion up!According to the truth, blind date is not a rare thing, not many people, men and women know each other, it is a normal activity, there is nothing to talk about!But it’s not the event that people are talking about, it’s the people who are there!This blind date meeting unexpectedly appeared “five women and 100 men” situation, which has never appeared before, also let a person really unimaginable!It is surprising that China’s population imbalance has reached such a serious point that there are so many single men.According to the matchmaker who organized the event, there were only five girls on the date, while the crowd of boys was bustling.The activity scene surrounded a packed, the disparity between the number of men and women formed a sharp contrast!Visual test boys more than a hundred people!These boys saw so many competitors without the slightest retreat, all obediently obey the order of the meeting place, follow the arrangement to do a good job of registration, tidy up the image, solemn and solemn line up ready to meet the beautiful girl, for their life event to do their best, try their best possible!According to the matchmaker said that these girls are very high vision, the requirements of appearance and economic ability is not low, if the appearance is good, there is money strength, career stability, the probability of success is high, otherwise it may not be!In addition to having a car, an apartment and a stable job, the minimum starting price of the bride price is 160,000 yuan, the highest is 400,000 yuan, and they must have three pieces of gold: a gold necklace, a gold ring and a gold bracelet!In addition to the character is also good, to be able to hurt people, will take care of people, to do call to, wave to go, responsive!Educational background can not be low, to be able to basic spoken English, simple communication!The body must be good, there are adhere to the habit of fitness, can swim, can play basketball, running to five kilometers start, push-ups and sit-ups one hundred start!You can’t live with your parents! You need your own privacy!Be romantic, give gifts on holidays, and don’t skimp on them!Must go abroad to travel once a year, also can’t be afraid to spend money!Do all the housework, do all the laundry, do all the cooking, don’t let a woman touch these!Such a spectacular scene, the local civil affairs bureau also responded, saying that the ratio of marriageable local men and women is unbalanced, and many local girls are also married to other places or abroad, so many young men in the marriage problem encountered obstacles!Seeing such a scene, netizens published their own views and opinions!Some say it is caused by the idea of favoring boys over girls. In the past, a lot of girls did not want to be born, and many of them were abandoned. All of them wanted boys, so it led to the emergence of this situation today!Some said that these girls feel like auction items, to see who bid the highest price with who, this is no different from business!Some say that the boy is not good enough to appear in this place, just need to find a wife through blind date, if they are good enough, do not need to fight with others!Some girls said that did not feel the girl has much hot hand, he has been single no one to chase after, all doubt whether to do the reverse, is the woman than the man more than 30 million!Some people said, this is better not to find, so obviously the status of the man does not exist, even if married back to live?I feel that a lot of people have seen this scene have felt desperate, are afraid to think that they can have love!Faced with so many competitors, look at their own conditions, immediately give up.Also don’t want to go when licking dog, afraid of licking to the last nothing!Many people have a deep experience of this, not injured all over the body which will have such a feeling!See these bachelor in order to find a wife can be diligent, regardless of face let others go to choose, this courage I do not have, to them only admire and blessing, hope they can get what they wish, find their fate as soon as possible, live a happy and beautiful life as soon as possible!But at the same time, I was afraid that it was so difficult to marry a wife, so much separation after marriage, so hard in the end for what, is it just to continue the family name!In the end does this society still exist pure love? What I see seems to be only the entanglement between interests, just the hypocrisy and selfish harm to each other under the guise of love!To see the cost of marriage now, it has been able to let me back, the average family is a marriage is exhausted, exhausted!And even this also can’t guarantee enduring as the universe, afraid of the end is empty, nothing at all, such examples have been many!The social survival pressure is so big, the money earned outside is only enough to feed themselves, if you can not change the existing conditions, can not give others to live a good life, I am afraid that single life can not change, some people are doomed to lonely life!The reality of the social reality of the people, The Times are changing, people’s ideas are changing, the heart is changed by the cruelty of the society, to blame can only blame the concept of social values is so distorted, ugly!Some people just don’t fit in!Think about our hometown those who pull a long face all day long in order to start a family of young people and their parents, they may not have thought about the social relationships-particularly those founded is not as good as before, the desire of modern has let them forget the original intention of the pursuit of love, now people want love just men and women combined with pleasure, to just the body sensory stimulation!It is not the power and wisdom generated by a combination of Yin and Yang, but the beautiful imagination and persistence of the past love that pursues the pledge of eternal love, the end of life, holding your hand and growing old together!Nowadays, people are as if they are covered with thorns. They restrain each other. They do not realize that they are not satisfied when they hurt others all over, but they have to be crushed to pieces to realize suddenly and reflect on themselves.Who would want to be the great man who gave up his life to die!What do you think about it?