During the Spring Festival, Binzhou traffic police to carry out night inspection renovation is not relaxed

2022-07-29 0 By

Since the Spring Festival, in order to effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, Binzhou traffic police in the city for drunk driving, drunk driving, licensing and other traffic violations, strictly regulate traffic order, to create a good traffic environment for the Spring Festival.The brigade organized the police to set up duty stations at main urban junctions such as Bin Laden Bridge, three fork roads and food court. Focusing on the areas around hotels, restaurants and bars, the police took actions in the way of dynamic and dynamic combination.At 21:53 on February 3, a man driving a small car with license plate Shaanxi A5G**G was seized by police on duty after drinking.The man’s alcohol content was 23 mg /100 ml after drinking alcohol, and the police on duty dealt with him in accordance with the law and procedures, and temporarily seized his driving license.According to statistics, in the action, the brigade was out 45 police officers, checking all kinds of vehicles 210 times, detected drunk driving 2 cases, investigate other traffic violations 13 cases, creating a strong momentum of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving.