Aussie share supermarket secret discount area, $129 mobile phone can be bought for $5!Net friend read fried

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// Foreword // With the price rising again in Australia, many Chinese families are feeling the pressure of life multiplied.But while everyone’s wallet was bleeding, someone bought a $129 phone for $5!The shopper then shared the hidden discount at the supermarket, and the Internet exploded when they saw it!According to Channel 7 of Australia, a Woolworths customer recently revealed that a little-known discount section of the supermarket APP allows you to buy a mobile phone for only 5 Australian dollars.The customer shared the bargain phone on facebook.Telstra Prepaid Nokia 2.3 4GX at a $129, and Optus X Sight at a $99: Now available in some Woolworths stores for a $5!Vodafone LG K42 4G 64GB Grey Prepaid, priced at $199, has been reduced to $29 in some stores.The Kambrook kettle and toaster, originally priced at A $49, is available in some stores for a $7.35.After seeing the shopper’s post, many netizens left comments asking where she actually found the sale.The woman replied that the bargains could be found simply by using the “shop in-store” feature in the Woolworths supermarket APP and sorting them by price.”If you have time, check out shop in-store in Woolies’ APP,” she says in a post on Markdown Addicts Australia’s Facebook page.You can then sort them by price from lowest to highest to see the bargains.At the moment, I still have stock in my local stores.”Many netizens according to her share, really successfully bought a 5 Australian dollar mobile phone.”Thanks for sharing, I bought my 10 year old a $5 phone and he was very happy,” the user said.”I also got a $5 phone in Melbourne, kids will love it,” said another.Another said: “I love the $5 phone. I bought several last year. It’s much cheaper than a tablet.”It’s worth noting that these bargains are not available at all stores, depending on local supply.As well as the hidden specials section in the supermarket APP, previously, supermarket staff revealed the best times to pick up deals.Woolworths employees have revealed the best times to snap up discounted items in a video posted to Tiktok.The employee said her store offers special discounts on fresh produce twice a day.”At the store WHERE I work, specials on deli, meat, seafood and bread are available until 11 a.m.Then we will have a special sale until 4 p.m. for food that must be processed that day.Many Woolworths employees agreed, saying their stores discount fresh food twice a day.”As FAR as I know, with the exception of bread, the sale will be done before 11am and before 4pm, depending on the size of the store and the number of products.I was in charge of the fresh food department at Woolies…Meat, dairy, seafood and cooked food must be on sale before 11 a.m.”In addition, Woolies staff also revealed the method of 100% must buy discount products, in one word – ask!One way to guarantee a bargain is to ask your local store manager when there will be a sale, he says. After all, no one knows better.Build a good relationship with the store manager at your local supermarket, and you can make life easier for your wallet.Finally, the current price of Australia really makes many people feel cash-strapped.Use these shopping tips when you should!After all, a little saved is a little