Yibin Sanjiang public Security held the establishment of “Fengqiao type public security police station” work promotion meeting

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# # yibin public security work in order to further promote the global “maple”, February 16 afternoon, committee member and deputy director of the bureau party committee OuYangXueSong in pak sha wan station chaired a meeting room advance will “create maple bridge type police station” work, administrative supervision office, command center, police brigade, the police station and back office, head of the police to attend the meeting.At the meeting, the person in charge of each police station made an exchange speech on the current work of “creating Maple”, promoting progress, existing difficulties and problems.Then the political work supervision office, command center, public security brigade in turn to introduce the current lead to promote the work and the next step of thinking.Ouyang Xuesong deputy director requirements: one to find the problem, the right medicine.At present, the work of “creating maple trees” is advancing slowly, and there are three main problems: first, the subjective consciousness does not pay attention to, there is fear of difficulties;Second, the subject of responsibility is not clear, the task is not detailed;Third, the execution is not strong, the specific work is not in place.The person in charge of each police station should attach great importance to the work of “creating Maple” and make rectification in view of the problems.Second, we need to clarify our thinking and responsibilities.The police stations should broaden their working ideas, understand the assessment and evaluation table, identify the responsible person one by one and reverse the construction period according to the eight items of the “Maple creation” list, so as to ensure the acceleration of the “maple creation” work.Third, we must lay a solid foundation and highlight highlights.On the one hand, we should do a good job in the construction of the basic books of the police station. With the help of “Creating Maple”, we should do a good job in the implementation and combination, check the deficiencies and make up the omissions, and comprehensively improve the basic books, so as to lay a data foundation for the establishment of “Fengqiao police station”.On the other hand, police stations should take the initiative to learn, be diligent in thinking, be good at drawing lessons from others and be bold in innovation.Combined with the actual situation of their own areas to create characteristics and highlights, Shouting slogans, taking the initiative to optimize and polish, to form replicable experience, to create an influential “brand”.Source: Yibin Sanjiang Public Security Bureau