To keep the family together?A Foshan man was arrested for drunk driving. Three minutes later, his two nephews were also arrested

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Eat together chopsticks, drink with toast uncle nephew three people together should be happy, but people can not understand that after dinner they unexpectedly “team” to wave “SAO operation”.On the evening of January 21, xingtan Squadron of traffic police brigade of Shunde District Public Security Bureau of Foshan city carried out night investigation of drunk driving.During this period, the police stopped an unlicensed motorcycle for an on-the-spot breath alcohol test. The driver, Surnamed Huang, was suspected of drunk driving with a blood alcohol level of 59mg/100ml.Three minutes later, in the same place, in the same direction, police stopped two motorcycles, then the two drivers xiong Yong, Xiong Bo breath-alcohol test.The results showed xiong’s blood alcohol level was 49mg/100ml, while Xiong bo’s was 54mg/100ml.Both met drink-driving standards and were suspected of using false vehicle plates.In the process of the disposal of the scene, the police found that three people kept chatting, quite familiar with the language between.After inquiry learned that Xiong mou wave and Xiong Mou Yong is brother, and Huang mou is their uncle.It is understood that the night three people together in the xingtan restaurant to eat, during the drink, after dinner their motorcycle home, did not expect to be in the same section of the road have been checked.At present, the case is being further handled.Near the Spring Festival traffic police departments will continue to carry out special rectification action for drunk driving.Here, Shu shu to remind the majority of drivers drunk driving, drunk driving costs high do not take chances.Xiaoxiang Morning Post Integrated Foshan Public Security Bureau source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post