The first land auction in 2022 in Mengzhou city, the starting price of 1 homestead in the east of the city was clinched

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January 29, jiaozuo Mengzhou city, east of the urban area near the East Hanyu Avenue and east ring road, a piece of 66.51 mu residential land online listing sale, with the initial price of 749,100 yuan per mu land price, floor price of 562 yuan /㎡.The approximate location of Lot 10 on the map mZGT2021-Lot 10:East southeast corner, together with the yellow line intersection han yu street east DuanDong Village and DongHan Village, west near the yellow line, Wu Meng line in the south, north near DongHanYu street, land properties for 2 kinds of commercial land, residential land compatibility is compatible with commercial building area ratio should not exceed 15% of the total construction area of the earth, a land area of 44341.47 square meters (66.51 acres),The planned plot ratio should not be higher than 2.0, and the plot ratio of residential land must be greater than 1.The building density shall not be higher than 20%, the green land rate shall not be lower than 35%, the building height shall not be higher than 54 meters, and the term of transfer shall be 40 years for commercial and 70 years for residential.The initial listing price is 49.82 million yuan.According to the plan, the development and construction of low-density large-family residential projects are strictly limited, and the entrances and exits are recommended to be set on the west and north sides of the plot.More than 1.2 parking Spaces per household shall be allocated for motor vehicles, and more than 1.5 parking Spaces per household shall be allocated for non-motor vehicles, and charging facilities shall be configured according to the standard of no less than one charging space per household.The area of centralized green space shall account for no less than 3% of the total land area of the community.The architectural style is based on classical style, and the architectural color should be light beige, warm yellow and white.Prohibit the use of high brightness, high chroma, dark color is the main tone.No. 10 lot was completed at the initial price, with the land price per mu of 749,100 yuan and the floor price of 562 yuan /㎡, which was won by Mengzhou Hongda Real Estate Co., LTD.It can be seen from the map that Block 10 is located in the southeast of East Ring Road and East Hanyu Street, with Senhai Home Plaza in the west and Riverside New village around it, etc., and The Building Materials Mall of Mengzhou is near east Yellow River Avenue along the east Ring Road to the north.