Sing the song “Pilot” to stimulate the power of youth

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“No matter how long it takes, you will always be by our side.The song “Leading the Way” was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It is an emotional expression of the people’s love for the Party and patriotism and the common aspiration of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.Recently, teachers and students of many colleges and universities across the country sang this song on campus, blooming youthful passion with songs, expressing good wishes and deep love for the Party and the motherland with songs.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the New Year, teachers and students from many universities across The country sang the song “Leading the Way” with deep feelings.Teachers and students of the Central University of Finance and Economics sing the song “Leading the Way” in front of a sculpture themed “Always follow the Party” on campus.The 26 teachers and students gathered in front of the theme sculpture, singing songs to sing the passionate youth of the century-old party, the various weather of prosperous China, the confidence and self-reliance of the great nation.Shanghai Jiao Tong University released a music video for media harmony, with the song “Pilot” to start the New Year.The MV works are produced by The Rong Media Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and filmed by the students of the School of Media and Communication. The teachers and students sing passionately at siyuan Lake and other places.In the special exhibition of “The Beginning is Strong: The Red Story of Xu Party’s Reporting to the Country” held by China Agricultural University, teachers and students sang the song “Pilot”, expressing their love for the Party, the motherland, the praise of The Times, and the vision for the future.As an institution of higher learning in the field of aeronautics and astronautics, BEIhang University has inherited the red gene of listening to and following the Party over the past 70 years.In the beautiful campus of Beihang university, teachers and students waved the five-star red flag in their hands and sang “Piloting”, singing beihang people’s seventy years of dedication to the country.Force of vigor in songs in tsinghua university, the classmates take part in the chorus “pilot” of the 2022 Beijing Olympics volunteers on behalf of, access to the international space probe trajectory optimization champion team representative, tsinghua university, the national flag guard of honor, and the student art troupe’s literary backbone, they sing after the flag-raising ceremony in the morning,With the song to express the good wishes to the party and the motherland.Li Muchen, a 2019 undergraduate student from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, is a volunteer in the venue service group for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Through participating in the chorus, she felt stronger national confidence and pride, and said that she would devote herself to the service work of the Winter Olympics with high enthusiasm.Many of the students from the Central University of Finance and Economics participated in the major theme activities of the centenary of the founding of the CPC.Students said that to participate in major theme activities of the sense of pride to sing “Pilot”, can better understand the song’s shocking power.The Tongji University Student Choir sang the song “Leading the Way” in front of the school history hall, expressing the passionate feelings of “feeling the party’s kindness, listening to the Party’s words and following the Party” and the lofty aspirations of forging ahead in the new journey.”I really like the lyrics of ‘Pilot’, which are warm, soulful and powerful.When instructing students to sing this song, I emphasize the most is to really feel and experience the lyrics.”Tongji University students choir instructor Zhao Lingya said.Students and teachers of Peking University showed their love for the Party and the motherland with a unique flash MOBS themed “Piloting”.At the event, Sun Shuo, a postgraduate student from the School of Journalism and Communication, said: “We need to study hard, improve our skills, and strive to become a pillar of the people who can be used to take on important responsibilities.”More than 300 representatives of bJTU’s faculty, staff choir, student choir, student Folk orchestra and Winter Olympics volunteers sang the song to express their love for the Party and the motherland.The teachers and students expressed that they should forge ahead and work hard for a long time to speed up the construction of a transportation power and strive to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.As the warm winter sun shines on the campus of Lanzhou University, hundreds of teachers and students dressed in costumes sing the song “Pilot”.The sonorous melody and the soulful singing form a powerful force, inspiring the teachers and students of LAN University to march forward bravely on the new journey.”As a Party member, I will never live up to the Party and this great era. I will put people’s life safety and health in the first place. I have a sense of responsibility to overcome difficulties and firmly shoulder the responsibility of maintaining people’s life and health.”There is passion in the song, there is power in the song.A “pilot”, passionate singing, singing the youth of the new era, sing the mission of the university teachers and students!(Zhao Wanna) Source: People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily