Bucks, SUNS, nets, 76ers, mavericks surprise, lakers disappointment

2022-07-28 0 By

Recent NBA teams are busy deal, one of the most popular two teams or the nets, with the lakers season without even when two teams, was the odds-on favorites to win but with the deepening of the season, both teams showed a lot of problems, the nets were once the eastern first, but now about 25, 29 in the east, no. 8,The lakers, at 26-30, are ninth in the Western Conference, a contender for the championship and now a playoff spot.The nets is more noticeable side of the problem, is the team’s injury is better, everything has to start with Owen, because there is no vaccination, Owen’s appearances this season are numbered, the big three is missing a, the other two giant time will increase, harden has missed many games this season because of injury, accidentally wounded by teammate Kevin durant have been slow to return,In fact, harden’s performance has been up and down since he arrived in the Nets, and there have been a lot of trade rumors about harden, but the trade between the Nets and the 76ers has been the most popular.Just after the Nets made a trade with the 76ers for Harden, Millsap, and The Nets for Bensey, Seth Curry, Trang, and draft picks, it was a win-win deal for both teams and meant the big three was broken up.Durant, Harden and Irving played 16 games together as the Pistons reunited with the Nets, the shortest trio in NBA history.Bucks by trading got the barca, SUNS got Craig from trading, aron – Horace mann, wizards and complete the transaction in a row, harrell to New Orleans, will dinwiddie, bear tans trading to the lone ranger, get Boer ferry, the deal can be said to be one of the most surprising deal, the lakers don’t have any activity is disappointing.