Taiyuan Kangning Makeshift hospital was connected to natural gas after continuous fighting for more than 20 hours

2022-07-27 0 By

On April 7, the reporter learned from taiyuan Natural Gas Company that after more than 20 hours of fighting, the company quickly completed the construction work of taiyuan Kangning Makeshift hospital supporting gas project and successfully delivered gas.On the morning of April 4, after receiving the task of gas project construction for the makeshift hospital, the Party Committee of Taiyuan Gas Company immediately held a special video and telephone conference to make arrangements for prevention and control measures, project progress, personnel allocation, mechanical mobilization, material supply guarantee, production safety, plan formulation, overnight overtime construction and other work.The company requirement, cooperated-builing personnel should fully understand the serious situation of the epidemic and urgency requirements, formulate scientific construction plan, in the protection of their own disease prevention and control measures, on the basis of using the most stringent security construction of gas quality, the fastest speed, the most accurate engineering construction plan, cooperate with related departments to carry out the corning square hospital gas engineering construction work.In order to speed up the progress of the project, the company mobilized quality supervision personnel and technical personnel to rush to the construction site of the makeshift hospital in the first two hours to speed up the precise revision of the original design scheme.At the same time, the customer development business Office strengthened communication and coordination with the public security, traffic police, and health commission to ensure the rapid and accurate delivery of gas meters, pressure regulating cabinets and other materials to the site.At 4 PM, the preparation is complete, construction personnel from the perimeter, hospital, boiler room three working face in the construction at the same time, the environmental welder anticorrosion work electrical safety personnel working staff, customer development, supply security personnel more than 100 people, such as the size of the drivers 5, 12 t dump truck 2 sets, van 12 sets, generator 7.After more than 20 hours of continuous construction work day and night, the gas project of the makeshift hospital was completed at 4 PM on April 5 and entered the stage of inspection.It is understood that the project has completed a total of 150 meters of indoor pipelines, more than 220 channels of welding joints, 16 connected stoves, 4 boilers, more than 600 meters of outdoor pipelines, more than 150 channels of welding joints, 3 pressure regulating cabinets, 2 valve Wells, qualified by pressure test, according to the requirements of successful gas delivery.Source: Taiyuan Daily News gathering center reporter Yu Jian