Bear in mind history, cherish today and create the future

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On the occasion of the Anniversary of the liberation of One Million Serfs in Tibet on March 28, the Frontier County garrison detachment of The Karo District Squadron attached great importance to, organized and made careful arrangements. On the evening of March 27, the Garrison detachment of the Border County squadron of Karo District organized to watch the TV speech of the Chairman of the Autonomous Region celebrating the 63rd Anniversary of the Liberation of One Million Serfs in Tibet.Without the COMMUNIST Party of China, there would have been no New China, no new Tibet, and no happy life for us today. We will firmly uphold our ideals and beliefs, carry forward our fine style of work, practice our skills, resolutely fulfill the tasks assigned by our superiors, and repay our party with outstanding achievements.On the morning of March 28, the Bianba Garrison team actively participated in the flag-raising ceremony organized by the People’s Government of Bianba County on the 63rd anniversary of the liberation of one million Serfs in Tibet, which further stimulated the members’ firm belief in loving the motherland, serving the country and upholding the border area.Castle peak buried loyal bones, historical records of meritorious deeds.Combined with the current party history study and education, the Biba Garrison team organized all members of the detachment to carry out the Party Day practice activity with the theme of “Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and inheriting the martyrs’ will” in the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Biba County. Through the activity, all the fire and rescue personnel were encouraged to keep their duties and missions firmly in mind and forge ahead in the new era.In the solemn martyrs’ cemetery, all the fire and rescue personnel lined up in order to pay a silent tribute and bow to the martyrs who had made outstanding contributions to the revolutionary cause and were laid to rest underground, expressing their lofty admiration for the revolutionary predecessors, infinite grief and the firm determination to carry on the martyrs’ will and faithfully fulfill the mission.Later, rescue workers reviewed the pledge to join the Party, paid tribute to the martyrs’ tombstones and cleaned the cemetery environment.In the process, the rescue workers stopped to reflect from time to time, we are the martyrs of the firm faith, lofty ideals and their selfless fearless, not afraid of sacrifice of the revolutionary heroism of the feelings of infection, the heart has been washed, thought has been sublimated, the rescue workers deeply felt, memory of the martyrs, will always remember them;To remember the martyrs, we must constantly reflect on ourselves;To remember the martyrs, we must always be loyal to the Party and the people.Vice squadron captain Bai Kaining stressed again: as a Communist party member, national civil servants, we should always remember “never forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission”, the starting point of all work to “serve the people wholeheartedly” for the purpose, give full play to the vanguard role of party members.This activity further stimulated the rescuers love the party, love the motherland, firm faith, all fire rescue personnel agree: firmly follow the party, adhere to the socialist system, firmly opposed to split, maintain the reunification of the motherland and the national unity and maintain people’s life and property safety and all your own contributions to maintaining social stability, completes the party and the people’s “night watchman” forever.