Antetokounmpo: A lot of players in the NBA are afraid to guard Jokic because he likes to elbow people

2022-07-27 0 By

About base as last season’s MVP, although his style is not very awesome, but clever the tactical analysis ability and good feeling is his characteristic, and although his body is not very looked at, but fat body let his impact force is very strong, so many players hold inside him, and they are in a game beat defending champion bucks,But that didn’t make Antetokounmpo very happy.At the time of interview letter elder brother talked about base, he said “I don’t like and his counterpoint, in fact, a lot of players in the league are afraid and he counterpoint, his personal strength is very strong, but it is still at the time of breakthrough wave elbowing others, he may be relying on their own for the analysis of the field to lead the team, his score can not much,But he had a big impact on the team. Defensively, he was like a wall under the basket protecting the paint.””He’s in the game play is very special, although there are so many people are afraid of him, but I want to tell you, I wouldn’t feel afraid, lost to him last time is just an accident, I was not yet ready, I will never give up, this is my philosophy of basketball, as long as I can walk, so as long as the team is in trouble I just games at the meeting,That’s the nature of us basketball people, we never bow to difficulties.”Antetokounmpo continued.Giannis antetokounmpo is still improving this season, his free throws and 3-pointers have particularly big progress, now the Greek monster really has begun to develop toward the direction of the all-around warrior, his playing style is also some taste of James, although the reputation is not particularly good, but his personal strength is still worthy of affirmation.