Weinan Health And Medical Information Weekly in the fourth week of March (group photo)

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Weinan Central Hospital held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control.Shaanxi Network news (Reporter Liu Fan intern reporter Wang Qianying) On March 26, shaanxi Provincial Health Commission issued an urgent reminder:From now on, once the public receives a message or phone call from the epidemic prevention and control department, they are advised to report to local communities (villages) and wait for nucleic acid tests at their doorstep or take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests nearby on the basis of proper protection.At the same time, the provincial health commission once again appeals: please continue to do a good job of personal protection in daily life, continue to maintain scientific wear masks, wash hands frequently, regular ventilation, social distancing and other good health habits, do not crowd, do not gather, civilized dining, pay attention to cough etiquette.Recently, in order to effectively strengthen the management of surgical system ward, the emergency department epidemic prevention and control pass, Weinan City central hospital respectively organized a surgical system, emergency department epidemic prevention and control work conference.Medical department, nursing department, quality control department, emergency department director and the head nurse of each department to attend the meeting.The meeting made arrangements for the recent epidemic prevention and control work, and gave feedback on the epidemic prevention and control inspection of the surgical system.The meeting stressed that staff in all departments should earnestly perform their duties, strictly implement all rules and regulations on prevention and control work, and adhere to scientific, targeted and law-based prevention and control.On the afternoon of March 24, Weinan Maternal and Child Health care hospital, deputy chief of physical examination Huang Yuhua, main examination physician Zhu Xiaohua, health management division Yang Pinghong and three people were invited to Shaanxi Weihua Group company for female employees to “with beauty, do a healthy woman” female health knowledge lecture.Huang Yuhua, deputy section chief, focused on the concept of health, factors affecting health, how to maintain psychological balance and other content.After class, the chief physician gave a detailed one-to-one interpretation of the company’s female employees’ physical examination reports over the years, and answered questions on the spot for health consultation and guidance.The lecture was well received by the company’s leaders and employees.Recently, by the Weinan central blood station biosafety professional committee director Zhang Maili led the team, the laboratory for biosafety self-inspection.Inspection group according to the pathogenic microorganisms secondary biological safety laboratory biological safety checklist related content, from organization management, biological safety management system, personnel management, and other seven aspects, through consulting documents, communication inquiry, the scene view of laboratory biosafety aspects carefully to conduct a comprehensive inspection, inspection group recommendations are presented for problems found during the inspection,The laboratory will supplement the relevant documents immediately after self-examination.On the afternoon of March 25th, the Second Hospital of Weinan city held a review meeting of new technologies and new projects in 2022.16 clinical and medical technology departments, including cardiovascular medicine, general hepatobiliary surgery, medical cosmetology center and medical imaging center, were evaluated at the conference, with a total of 32 new technologies and new projects.At the meeting, the project leaders of each department made a REPORT in the form of PPT from the aspects of medical technology advancement, sustainability, direction, technical difficulty and technical risk.The evaluation team asked questions and commented on the site, and put forward constructive suggestions for the report project.The review will further encourage medical staff to explore and innovate, drive the development of hospital disciplines, and better escort people’s health.Recently, linwei district hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine held three health knowledge lectures.In the lecture, the department experts combined their own professional academic knowledge and rich practical experience, explained the basic knowledge and prevention methods of hypertension for patients and their families, and deepened their understanding of hypertension.Afterwards, the patients and their families interacted and answered questions.Recently, the department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Huayin People’s Hospital successfully carried out the first temporary cardiac pacemaker implantation.The patient received temporary cardiac pacemaker implantation and cholecystectomy on the same day with the joint assistance of the cardiology department, the second Department of Surgery, the Functional Department, the interventional catheter room and other disciplines. The operation was successfully completed, and the patient’s vital signs were stable after surgery, and the electrode of the temporary pacemaker was successfully removed.The successful operation of this case broke through the barrier of electrophysiological technology in Huayin People’s Hospital and marked a new level of interventional therapy in the hospital.Chengcheng WeiJian bureau organization to carry out the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) campaign Enable tongguan county people’s hospital of interventional diagnosis and treatment center on March 23, in chengcheng long macro square, chengcheng WeiJian bureau organization center for disease control and prevention, health education center, the county hospitals, Chinese medicine hospitals, maternity and child care, chengguan street hospital, chengguan street HuiAn institutes to participate,The campaign to promote free medical consultation under the theme “Life comes first, All People participate in sharing Health and end TB” was launched.At the scene of the activity, each unit hung propaganda banners, display propaganda boards, through face to face health consultation, distribution of publicity manuals and other forms of publicity, for the masses to popularize the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis knowledge, has been unanimously praised by the masses.Recently, tongguan County People’s Hospital interventional diagnosis and treatment center has been built and put into operation, and received the first male patients with old myocardial infarction.The establishment and opening of interventional center of Tongguan People’s Hospital is one of the important content of constructing five centers for secondary hospitals proposed by the National Health Commission, and also an important measure of implementing the national graded diagnosis and treatment policy and perfecting the implementation of “hundred thousand project” for key clinical specialties.Weinan city maternal and child health care hospital held women’s health knowledge lecture.Weinan central blood bank carried out laboratory biosafety self-examination.Weinan Second Hospital held 2022 new technology, new project review meeting.Weinan Second Hospital held 2022 new technology, new project review meeting.Linwei District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine held health knowledge lectures.The first temporary cardiac pacemaker implantation was successfully carried out in Huayin People’s Hospital.Weinan daily health and medical information micro, by the Weinan City Health commission, Shaanxi network Weinan station, Weinan network, weinan medical network daily comprehensive release.