The stars of the brigade, ready for war, came together

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, a brigade of the 72nd Group Army held a report on advanced typical deeds of war preparedness in 2021 in combination with the annual commendation conference.Everyone strives to be the training vanguard, everyone strives to be the post model.At this event, 10 war stars from various posts at the grassroots entered the hall of highest honor of the brigade and received the highest praise from all officers and soldiers.Only by advocating heroes can we have heroes. Only by striving to be heroes can we have heroes in large numbers.In the past year, the brigade has committed to the study and education of the Party’s history with strong strong spirit. It has set out at night with thousands of chariots and thousands of people to experience the battlefield, forge a winning force, attack and defend towns, and forge a new type of combat force, thus playing a new chapter in the transformation and reform of the new era.A section of hard growth experience, a moving sentence clank of the heart oath, so that the officers and men on the scene deeply education, inspired.Among these advanced models, there are the model company commander who forged the iron fist, the gold “staff officer” who is skilled in business and skilled in planning, the excellent squad leader who loves the army and strives to be the first class, and the safeguard vanguard who rivets hard and dedicates in the front line.They have made extraordinary achievements on ordinary posts and set up a vanguard example for the officers and soldiers.”We have a mountain of mission. Time waits for no one. Seize the day!Comrades, as revolutionary soldiers of the new era, as a member of the brigade, we will have the honor to witness and experience the rapid development of our brigade.”On the stage, in 2021 due to excellent competition assessment, fang Wei, the reconnaissance staff of the second class merit, emotional about his growth experience.Under the stage, just returned from the brigade staff training Liu Zhenhua empathy, as a grass-roots platoon leader, he always put the war win engraved in the heart, to participate in the brigade staff training, always maintain combat posture charge in the front, finally get excellent general evaluation of training good results.After listening to the report, Liu zhenhua said: No matter whether the road ahead is a gully or a cliff, he will water the flowers of victory with sweat, take root in the barracks with hard work and enthusiasm, and make his own contribution to the transformation, construction and development of the brigade like Fang Wei.”The height is not high queue station row end, but professional absolutely can’t be short!”After advanced typical Xu Qibiao enlisted two years alone on behalf of the eastern theatre army take part in the national skills contest, won the army first, from the same place to army won the second class two years for a ratio assessment of shangdeng bing Mr Zhao ridge said: “no matter how short length, as long as have a dream, to dare to rush to dare to dry, quenching Angle in the military camp in the melting pot, in the second year of military contributions would no longer be a dream.”Typical is a kind of power, inspiring;A symbol is a flag that inspires.With the end of the story report, these advanced typical brigade officers and soldiers to learn the example, their story inspired all officers and soldiers to stay true to their original aspiration, brave and resolute forward, with a more high-spirited attitude into training for war, full of pride to meet the party’s 20 victory held.Let’s first glimpse preparation for star war left army, left left to prepare for war soldiers ready to contribute eastern war zone authority issued email: producer | hardware and editing | Xu Chenghua editor, valley Ren Hong | Lu Xiongfei contributing editor | Qiao Lingxuan publication period: 2226