The fifth day of the New Year, the old tradition: “one, two broken, three open, four pinch”, everything is smooth

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The fifth day of the New Year, the old tradition: “a then, two broken, three open, four pinching”, everything is smooth without taboos imperceptible, the Spring Festival holiday has passed half, ushered in the fifth day of the New Year immediately, folk pay attention to “break five”, namely, break all the taboos during the New Year, restore normal, happy to meet a better life.Do you know any traditional customs on this day?Can be summed up as: “one, two break, three open, four pinch”.1, “yi Dai” : connect the god of wealth.The fifth day of the year, is the birthday of the God of wealth, people welcome the god of wealth birthday, fortune fortune.From the beginning of the fourth night of the New Year, people in order to win the early attention and care of the God of wealth, at the beginning of the night, they burn incense and pray, worship the God of wealth, to meet the God of wealth, this is called “grab the first road”, for the New Year bonanza early fortune, fortune rolling to wealth.There are some people, in the early morning of the fifth day, seize to set off firecrackers, clean up sanitation, drive away the poor god, welcome the god of wealth.Nature is not rich and colorful offerings, incense worship, the fifth day of the New Year, it is the god of wealth birthday, grasp to meet the god of wealth to come home, hope the New Year, the God of wealth to!Good luck!Make a fortune!2, “two break” : break five poor Chinese New Year, the most important folk custom is break five, that is, break all the taboos during the Spring Festival, restore normal life, remove all the poor things.Before dawn, people get up early, set off firecrackers, from home to drive out the five poor, that is, the poor ghost, including poor learning, poor wisdom, poor life, poor text, poor “etc..Now it is forbidden to set off firecrackers, but there is an important task, that is cleaning.From the Chinese New Year to now, there have been several days without cleaning up the health, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, is the fifth, the removal of garbage dirt.Sweep out all the inauspicious things, put them outside the front door, and burn them.Moral will clean up poverty, will usher in the god of wealth, wealth.3, “three open” : the opening of the fifth break, no taboos, good luck day, send the poor god, ushered in the god of wealth, the next is to open the business.On this day, many businesses are off to a good start, welcoming the god of wealth and making a fortune.Before the Lunar New Year’s Eve, many businesses close down in advance for the Lunar New Year, no matter catering, shops and other industries, all shut down business, employees also go home one after another, family reunion!To the fifth day of the year, is the God of wealth Christmas, people meet the God of wealth, pray for the New Year to open a good fortune, financial resources.As there is a poem: “Five days of money for five days, a year of temporary reward wish.”On this day, all walks of life open the door to welcome visitors, but also hope that the God of wealth bless wealth and prosperity.4, “three pinch” : pinch the villain.To welcome the god of wealth, worship activities, natural preparation of rich offerings, but also not the same, that is dumplings.Making dumplings, a traditional food in northern China, is known as “pinch the mouth of a small person”.I hope the New Year is lucky, no villain backframe, near nobles, get happy, so, not dumplings, that is, pinch the mouth of the villain, don’t let the disorderly talk!Why is that?Has everyone made dumplings?If there is no package, also eat dumplings, have not eaten also seen dumplings.That is, two hands together to pinch both sides of the steamed stuffed bun mouth, the stuffed bun pinch solid, do not let leak out, very image, so called “pinch the mouth”.The fifth day of the New Year arrived, not only “break five” to send five poor, but also to meet the god of wealth, looking forward to the god of wealth asylum financial resources widely into, successful career, happiness.Friends!See this article!Welcome everyone to leave a message, welcome the god of wealth!I wish you a prosperous year of the Tiger, bonanza and good luck!