Starting from February 1, the first order list of new books: the first order of three gods, four million authors are less than four thousand

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The results of the first order of the new books on the shelves starting from February 1st have come out, and today I will take you to have a look.Due to the Spring Festival holiday, many friends are busy visiting relatives and friends.Many writers are also taking a leave of absence.So that the starting point of the flow of the recent sense is also reduced.Feedback to this issue of the first order of results, that is very common.Of the more than 300 novels, not one is a hit, and the highest order is only over 4,000, which can be said to be a very cold month.And the official starting point has not arranged any work to open the shelves, can be said to be very rare.No more nonsense, the first picture, this period mainly refers to the “starting point map” data, “starting point collection” of the author is obviously back for the Spring Festival, so that stopped.Here are the stats: There are no overly popular authors or fifth-level authors hitting the shelves in this new issue.However, from the past results, but also a number of strength of the author.Overall, there are three great writers, and four writers of five million titles, but none of them made it to the top of this issue.Let’s look at some of the works in detail.1, three big god, the highest about three thousand this new book shelves three big god is mainly all metal shell case, Jiuzhiclu, smile WR.The former is male frequency daishen, the latter two are female frequency Daishen.Starting female frequency results have been very general, the first set is not high is understandable.Among them smile in the starting point female frequency god is not a few love brain.Its previous novel “High Energy in front” more inclined to male frequency infinite flow, female wisdom, brave and resourceful, interested can go to see.As for the new book, I don’t pay much attention to it.All metal shell case is the male frequency field wen God, the state of ups and downs, in the god is not up or down.His most famous work is ocean farming literature “Golden Fishing Ground”, and recently he also transformed himself into a fairy and wrote a novel “Where the devil Goes”.Now he has returned to writing a novel titled I Had a Home in 1982.It tells the story of how the protagonist goes back and forth between the modern society and the 1980s, leading the former island fishing village to become rich.I basically read the content before the shelves, just not very good at this bite.The novel first set about three thousand, can only say the rules, hope that the subsequent shell casing can have better performance.2, four million set author, the highest 33 million set this new book on the shelves of the four million authors are the demon monk flower, this is very scientific ah, the traveler has three, Li Hongtian.Except for “This is very scientific”, the other three are not very reliable.”This is very scientific ah” is a rising star, on this novel “what is wandering in single ah” are set eleven thousand, is the starting point of the two league of Heroes theme in the highest achievement of the work, New Year’s day just completed.After the end of the old book, the new one, “What is The Hexagon?”, works seamlessly, still in the league of Legends genre.The author tries to construct a relatively real world of league of Legends esports based on his own experiences and those around him, which is well received.Even if the early stage is a little slow, the author also compares the data, like this kind of can try.In addition, the first order is just over two thousand feeling a little low, the author of the chapter said that the stability of more than two hundred, feeling behind is also a million order seed.The other three words, the demon monk flower is also everyone’s old acquaintance, works are early wonderful mid collapse, late eunuch, representative work “Huang Ting Dao Lord”.New book “xiu Xian die a way”, there is a label “all stream of people”, the first order more than three thousand or good, we support him as always.I just don’t know if he’ll take the endorsement seriously this time.The traveler has three is another pseudonym of “the book of three lines”, currently in double open, the old book “This curse is Too good” is still in serialization, all set score above 20,000 yuan.But before the rectification, the author has a kind of rotten suspicion, update intermittently.The new book, “My Brother is A Loser, But He’s Too Confident,” has also been revised.The first order is less than two thousand, and to be honest I have some reservations about the author finishing it.Li Hongtian’s words, some pity, suddenly not fire feeling.Before two consecutive years with the starting point of the great god appointment missed.Last year, the new book “binding genius becomes stronger” was on the rise and reached ten thousand orders, but because of a physical problem, directly stopped playing, resulting in the later recovery and update failed to save back.The popularity of the back also plummeted.Now his new book, “This Dream Is Funny”, which has the feel of a sister novel to “The Dream Maker”, may help him recover his popularity step by step.3, the top works said three gods four million set the author of the situation, we have a look at this period of the top works, Lu Shiping’s “my boss the world”.Novel statistics over four thousand, in fact, only three thousand, but also some moisture, because readers gave him the first order push package, pulled high the first order results.Lu Shiping’s recent condition is not very good, two consecutive eunuchs, he mainly wrote about astronomy before.Now the new book is in a different genre.Either way, let’s hope he follows through this time.The above is the first set of this issue of a situation, February Chinese New Year, is a relatively cold month.Of course, if you have a favorite works on the shelves, you can still support it.So that’s it for this issue. I’m Elle, a web writer, and I’ll see you next time.