Simple investment idea of stock market!

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The market invests simple train of thought to want to have, hope everybody can cultivate exclusive at oneself operation system the first, trend principle is buying a stock when, need undertakes understanding to the trend of a stock.It is easier to make money when the stock is in an uptrend, but it is hard to survive when the stock is in a downtrend.In the chart below, we can see that in an uptrend, as long as we are not buying at the top, we are basically making money.In the downward trend, we can see that although it also has oversold rebound, but in general, it is in the situation of falling more or rising less, maybe down 30% or 40%, only to rebound 5%.So we choose on the trend, we need to choose strong stocks on the uptrend.Second, the principle of dispersion do not put their operation of all the stocks gathered in the same plate, because if the plate falls, then the stock will be affected by the plate effect to go down the situation.We can operate 3 stocks of different plates in order to disperse risks, and even according to the stock situation, plate situation, their capital situation and investment strategy to allocate positions!Operating around 3 different stocks of the plates for the third, strong principle we should all know that “the stronger the strong, the weak weak constant” truth, this is an iron law of the stock market and we can sometimes see some stocks will be affected by plate, while others are not, even will in turn affect the rise and fall of the plates!We should be in the operation of a stock, should try to put energy into the plate’s strong stock is the leading stock, rather than the energy spent in the weak stock, do not have a pack of cigarettes a cup of tea a rotten stock to see a day.And the leading stock is relatively stable, basically will not appear the phenomenon of thunder, profitability as a whole is not bad, the competitiveness of the industry is also strong.Sometimes some relatively strong bibcock stocks can even out of the market’s influence.Choose strong bibcock for the best fourth, hot principle of the main fry is what?Stir-fry is hot, stir-fry is subject matter, we need to keep up with current events and hot spots to operate, such as hydrogen energy, new energy vehicles, prepared vegetables, digital economy and so on. If we follow the hot spots, we just need to judge whether the hot spots are short-term stir-fry or long-term stir-fry.Because of some major events or because of the chain reaction caused by the policy, we can surpass very many people and say that if this theme is not hot, there is no main capital attention, you go in operation, is it retail investors with retail investors?Follow closely current affairs hot spot operation the 5th, stop loss principle I believe when people go buying a stock, it is to think this can rise, just go buying!So if we buy into the stock, but with our ideas after the gallop, and has been beyond our cognitive scope!We should have stop loss consciousness, in has not caused too much loss before, to timely avoid and prevent risks!Continuing to wait for the quilt not only takes away our opportunity to profit from elsewhere!If the quilt, we are waiting for the solution of the set, I believe that everyone will not be in a good mood, but also let the mood to our life!So it is very important that we have a sense of stop loss!Fifth, the position control principle has a lot of shareholders always like full warehouse operation, encountered a falling trend when the set cut the flesh and feel injured, such as solution and looked at every day has been falling, the in the mind and uncomfortable!I feel we need to control his position in the operation of the stock market, for example when the market is bad, 20 into a position or it is empty storehouse is ok!If the market is better, we can increase the position appropriately, but not too much, we can gradually add the operation of a good stock trend!So if we began to build a warehouse, stock trend is not as we wish, we can also timely cut meat stop loss, and is a small warehouse, we cut meat will not break bones!The ability to take time away from other profitable opportunities.So when we first got involved, it was better to operate small positions. I hope my sharing can help you build your own operating system