How many little-known secrets lie behind Manchester United’s 1-1 win at Southampton in the Premier League

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How many little-known secrets lie behind Manchester United’s 1-1 win at Southampton in the Premier League.Netizens pointed out that Manchester United’s current level in the Premier League is absolutely middle level, the end of the season ranking in 7-10 is reasonable!United are playing like Tottenham in the past few years, with a few strikers who play in a quiet way and don’t pass, but are always one foot behind.There is a loose and loose midfield that can’t break the ball and has a big temper. There is a middle and back court that misses people and moves a lot. Finally, everyone plays the big card and thinks he is too strong to be controlled, whether it is the locker room off the pitch and the contract or the mood on the pitch.Plus manager just takes half of the season, for big moves in the squad, not from Lin huang things always Dally will see that he has no right to completely according to his ideas in and out of the players, so this year is bad, small probability of luck now touch the fourth, C luo stay, summer window to see, no champions seats, big probability reconstruction is a long way off.Champions League qualification on their own merit, on this performance, for what?The management should be clear about the direction, such a mess, straighten out the relationship, eliminate redundant staff, next season there is hope.Leaving aside lazio and darote, Ronaldo played a very questionable ball, feeling really want to go the feeling, a little not excited.The goalkeeper gave the ball away too freely and was largely responsible for the draw.Suggest that we go and see the 14th preliminaries may, when the west three goals to help Argentina’s World Cup qualification, that is playing in Bolivia, is like Lionel messi of Argentina in a team, and in the club, play Arsenal that Barcelona two if not messi behind a strong play to finish top four, Barcelona will be lost, and play bayern that 15 years,Messi scored two, one of the most famous is the boateng, in my impression, a messi the two ball Barcelona will just lead, if messi 15 years in the last four bayern, losing in the champions league is estimated to get, and the champions league and six than two real Madrid, Barcelona five goals to nil one I remember messi a ball two help, and each ball was involved in the offense,Quite so the organizer or sponsors, the games messi is big, there are matters in the group team to Iran in September 18th group scored from a dozen Nigeria to help the team win two to one, no messi Argentina will be eliminated in the group stage, let alone into the World Cup final, and assists the final di maria, a 1-0 out Nigeria.Messi also scored in the final of the World Championship. What big games did Messi not create chances or score?I’ve been told that messi is not a good match, so I just need a few matches to make up the numbers.If I say that Cristiano Ronaldo is really a day to finish, took the European Cup final against Greece, several single goals, then according to everyone so say Messi, for can also say that he is the king of Greek football.B struggled too much, MAC had more bad games than good ones, the team was not consistent, what was the game?At the moment United are slow as a word, and every game they are taught the pace of attack by the lower half.Slow turn, slow out, slow up-and-down, slow set up.Rangnick doesn’t feel as good as Li Tie.Cristiano ronaldo can’t play centre-forward, Sancho can’t play left, Rashford can’t play right and Maguire can’t play at all.Ugly draw, ugly game, Lonick is worse than Sosoe.With united’s attacking line, how come they can’t score when they have to pass, pass, finish, finish?They don’t pass the ball early when they should, so they don’t score. It’s like united’s strikers are trying to score by themselves, they don’t have the ball in their head.Manchester United are playing like they did 20 years ago, they say how good Pogba is, they don’t use him as the center of the team, Number 39 McTominay, Mr Dongguo is just a fake.Maguire is really in bad shape, why does he keep playing?McTominay couldn’t position himself or hold the ball.Pull master still old appearance, c luo is old dare not change, Lin Emperor is too late, this coach also have no what use, come to stroll.The last 88 minutes of his own team penalty referee should give point, such united did not deserve a draw, Maguire turned, like an aircraft carrier turn.Maguire should really bury himself, and so should the fullbacks. Pass?No, not the ability, Rasford, Cristiano ronaldo, really ugly, the manager really can’t arrange the team.For the likes of Manchester United, Maguire can go straight in, Luxshaw can play at wing-back, Rashford can cross, don’t mention Matteo, b-fee is an occasional flash of light, middling in the premier League, and when will Rangnick be dismissed?I haven’t watched Manchester United’s recent games for two rounds, and sure enough, the team is rotten.What do you think about that?