Hokkien, why do you go to Versailles?

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If you happen to run into a Fujian man, try asking, “I hear you know a lot about tea?”Fujian people may quickly wave their hands “buried yes (no) buried yes (no)” results…It makes sense that most People in Fujian either don’t say anything or make a big splash;Don’t brag about it. Make a show of it!Mastering a few fujian Versailles quotes during the Spring Festival will definitely impress you!”The whole Chinese people know that I have no ability. After decades of working as an enterprise, I only made a piece of glass, and I was so busy that I was dizzy and sweaty. This is a symbol of my lack of ability.” — Cao DewangRational consumption, rational consumption…”– Wu Rongzhao Fujian temperament, do you get?The name Fujian sounds like “fu”. Fu means “family fu”, the reunion of the whole family.Is “Fujian blessing”, is cultural heritage, is gold and silver mountains;Is “China’s blessing”, is to roll up sleeves to work!• China Tunnel Pingtan Construction when it comes to “infrastructure maniac”, it must be fujian people!The so-called “Bridge of Guangzhou, the road of Shandong, the Tunnel of Pingtan in China.”In the early years, Pingtan was still an isolated island with no industry and many people left their homes to engage in the “well lane” project.In the long-term training, Pingtan people excavation, blasting, support and other tunnel related construction technology level constantly improved.With the spirit of daring to take risks and bear hardships, as well as the good reputation of “reliable, capable and good project quality” accumulated over the years, pingtan construction team has gradually gained a firm foothold in the national tunnel industry.In its heyday, pingtan people contracted hundreds of billions of yuan of tunnel projects every year, making Pingtan truly known as the “hometown of tunnels”.• Make A piece of your own glass for China. Two out of every three cars running across China are equipped with Fuyao glass.Around the world, it’s one in four.In his early years, Cao Dewang returned from a trip to Mount Wuyi and bought a walking stick for his mother. As a result, he was told by a Japanese driver, “Don’t break my glass, it costs several thousand yuan a piece!”He didn’t believe it, but after research, there wasn’t a decent auto glass manufacturer or technology in China at that time.Cao Dewang was heartbroken and helpless. In 1987, he founded Fuyao Glass Group from scratch. Now, Fuyao has become the first supplier of automotive glass in China and the second largest in the world.We don’t have to rely on foreign imports and have our own glass available.Today’s happiness is hard-won, is the ancestors worked hard to come.To be a person and do not “paste”, can really have a “blessing”!Fujian people can afford to do, more afford to defend.• “One out of every five pairs of sneakers in the world is a Fujian shoe.”Wu Rongzhao is one of the representatives of shoes and clothing enterprises in Fujian province. Although he was born in a “family of shoemakers”, he is worthy of the name of the “second generation of shoes”, but behind the halo is the bitterness of “industry is really difficult to do, industry is really bitter”.Carrying 10 million yuan of bank debt to create a brand, Wu Rongzhao in-depth production line, down-to-earth grasp the product development and production process;Hongxing Sports became the first Chinese sports industry stock listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, and Hongxing Erke became the no.1 brand of tennis apparel in China.After that, it has experienced losses in opening stores, financial storm, inventory crisis and accidental fire, and experienced ups and downs.”I didn’t have enough cash flow to last a week at the hardest point.”Wu Rongzhao said, “‘ Keeping ‘a good industry is ultimately’ creating ‘a good industry, we must always maintain the entrepreneurial spirit — with elan, not old-fashioned.The cultivation of this spirit can not be separated from the understanding of their fathers’ hard work, but also from the frustrations and hardships of practice.”• There is only one reason why “Shaxian Snacks” became popular all over the world overnight…Flat meat, noodles, steamed dumplings, stews, taro dumplings…Shaxian Snacks has opened more than 80,000 stores in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, beating “Red Nose” and “Kaifeng food” in seconds.Why can Shaxian snacks travel all over the world?The answer is not just delicious.Xiamao town is the birthplace of Shaxian snacks. In the early 1990s, thousands of people went to other places to make snacks to make a living.It coincides with the rise of “going into the sea” and “working” in China.The parity principle of “one yuan into the store, two yuan to eat, five yuan to eat well” has captured the urban low consumption groups and captured countless diners.Shaxian snacks quickly “fire” up.In addition to the secret of accurate positioning, shaxian snacks eternal vitality of the answer is only one – sincerity: with the best and inexpensive ingredients to make the best effect, solid solid food, do snacks;Can keep positive, also can innovate, promote shaxian snacks industrialization to upgrade again!• No more chicken jams for Chinese!When you think of jamming, you probably think of sophisticated technology.But few people know that China has also been “stuck by the neck” on the meat chicken.China is the world’s largest consumer of poultry, but breeding has long been monopolized by European and American companies. Fu Guangming, chairman of Sunnong Group, has invested 1.1 billion yuan in secretly breeding new varieties in a remote village far from human life in order to achieve the “freedom to eat chicken” without outside influence.After painstaking exploration by researchers and the threat of “cutting off supply” from foreign enterprises, domestic chicken seedlings were initially cultivated in 2019.Now, the largest white-feathered broiler enterprise in China has broken the long-term monopoly of foreign breeding sources of white-feathered broiler, and has become a synonym for high-quality white-feathered broiler.• Start your energy freedom era on average, every 1.7 seconds, a cell goes offline in ningde Era;On average, one battery pack is produced every 2.5 minutes.One out of every four electric cars sold globally is equipped with Ningde Times batteries.Ningde Times is a battery supplier for many electric vehicles at home and abroad, and has ranked first in the number of power battery installations for many consecutive years.Why so popular?The secret of success is scientific and technological innovation.In September last year, Ningde Times Factory was awarded as the “beacon Factory” by the World Economic Forum, becoming the first battery factory in the world to be recognized by this recognition. This is the achievement of Ningde Times in extreme manufacturing….Worth fujian’s pride, but also far more.From ball-tip to aerospace engineering;From intelligent driving to intelligent bathroom, heaven and sea, clothing, food, shelter and transportation.Fujian’s wisdom and struggle, or world-renowned, or invisible champion.Of course, all of this depends on the “real, cost” to do everything.Perhaps, this is also the spirit passed down from generation to generation by the ancestors of the Fujian people who came to this southern savage land from the Central Plains without fear of wolves, tigers and leopards.Finally, I would like to send this encouragement to those who are still working during the holidays.Fujian is blessed!Year of the tiger, happy!Source: Southeast TV