Dream Westward Journey: How to solve the problem of durability of equipment?

2022-07-26 0 By

How to solve the durability of five open equipment?Today five steps detailed to say to everyone.The mentality of the five open player and the single open player is completely different, the single open player plays for a while every month, there is no durability problem.First, from the selection of equipment, and then slowly transitioning to equipment durability.One: if there are enough dream coins in the hand, it is directly matched without grinding, and then there is no problem of durability.Two: if there are many dream coins in the hand, whether it is 109 level or 175 level, the physics department should match one without grinding, and the rest of the equipment should match 100-120 level.Three: if the hand of the dream coin is very little, whether it is 109 level, or 175 level, the physics department with a grinding, the rest of the equipment with three failures, and is also 100-120 level.In general, 50 cents is the third case, holding very few fantasy coins.So, go straight to the kit that failed three times.Second, why choose equipment that fails three times?One: Because under the same circumstances, the equipment that fails three times requires very little fantasy money.To give you an example, a level 100 body sensitive double plus 40 suit with 8 moonstones will cost 8000 dollars of fantasy coins if there are no failures, and 3000 dollars of fantasy coins if there are 3 failures.Two: in order to efficiency, only equipment attributes add more, efficiency can be improved.It’s not just efficiency, it’s efficiency, it costs almost nothing, it’s the end of a round, it costs almost nothing.With very little fantasy money in hand, you can only choose equipment that fails three times.Three: the equipment that failed three times and the equipment that did not fail, basically no difference, is uncomfortable to look at.At the time of collection, there were no 8000W dream coins that failed, and 3000W dream coins that failed three times.At the time of the release, the one that did not fail was still 8000W dreammoney, and the one that failed three times was still 3000W Dreammoney.When the durability of level 100-120 equipment runs out, the equipment that does not fail will be repaired directly with pearls, and the equipment that fails three times will also be repaired with pearls.Is there really a difference?At this time, someone said, “No equipment fails, can be directly repaired, most of them are successful.”What the five steps want to say is: “As long as you fail once, you will lose 2000W dreammoney, and how much is a pearl of 100 level?”Summary: The basic idea is to equip with high stats that fail 3 times and be efficient.It can not only brush more fantasy coins, but also consume very little durability.