Yi Yangqianxi desperately to save his sister’s business, “Miracle” box office why so low?

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The Spring Festival has already passed, and the Spring Festival movie season is already over its peak. I watched the movie Miracle · Stupid Kid a little late, and the first thing I said to my fellow friends after watching the movie was: Why is the box office of Miracle so low?As of this writing, the Chinese New Year box office was topped by Watergate Bridge (3.042 billion yuan), followed by The Killer (1.776 billion yuan) and The Miracle Kid (889 million yuan).More than 800 million may seem like a good result, but after watching the movie, you will feel that Wonder deserves more.The story takes place in Shenzhen, where young people are passionate about entrepreneurship and struggle in 2013.The characters in the film continues the article makino director more “I’m not medicine god” the minor background, suffering Jackson played little JingHao father left his wife abandoned child, mother died, 20-year-old JingHao pull alone six and a half has congenital heart disease’s sister (Chen) harim, life, sister illness need surgery before 8 years old,But the operation cost of 500,000 yuan is not what Jing Hao can afford by repairing mobile phones.The friend Tao Zhiyong of Jing Hao (Zhu Junlin is acted the role of) offered jing Hao a wealth path: 100 thousand buy the old mobile phone in warehouse, renovate sell.Jing Hao agreed, he took the mobile phone store as a mortgage loan of 50,000 yuan, if it goes well will soon be able to collect enough for her sister’s surgery.However, things did not go as smoothly as expected, shenzhen issued a new law: selling refurbished machines is illegal, and several owners of The Huaqiangbei Electronic market, which has cooperation with Jinghao, were arrested, and these life-saving phones were smashed in their hands.The cell phone shop was mortgaged.Fate is particularly fond of torturing desperate people, but Jinghao can not give up, he had to renew his sister’s life.After studying the domestic and foreign markets, Jing Hao wanted to disassemble the parts of the mobile phone and then sell them to the original factory. The boss of the original factory of the mobile phone, Zhao Zong refused to see him. Jing Hao caught up with Zhao’s high-speed train by motorcycle and running, and got 10 minutes.Zhao always gave him hope, agreed to cooperate, but there is no deposit, without any help, which means the destitute Jinghao need to start in debt.The film makes no secret of Jing Hao’s desire for money. He doesn’t want money for personal gain or material enjoyment. For Jing Hao, money is his sister’s life, while his own life is worthless.So, he can disregard his own safety to chase zhao’s high-speed train, he can find the mobile phone was stolen after like an outlaw in the speeding truck and the thief fighting, he can finger fracture after high altitude work cleaning glass.After recovering the phone the police said, for this old phone, not worth it.Jing Hao looked at his sleeping sister and whispered two words: worth it.It was a desperate gamble on his sister’s life.When life becomes a dead end, when the end is about to become a defeat, Jinghao how to break the bureau rebirth?”Miracle” still continues the “God of Medicine” small people stay together to warm the way to break the situation, a person’s strength is weak, but a group of old and sick miracle team can create a miracle?Every little person in the story is concrete and full, happy people have similar happiness, but the suffering of the people are different.Liang Shu (Tian Yu is acted the role of) the person arrives middle-aged to work in nursing home and still looking for part-time job;Wang Chunmei of laid-off worker worker (Qi Xi is acted the role of) hearing is damaged by factory noise, the lawsuit of the factory is not knot, go out to work to suffer everywhere sneer coldly;Zhang Longhao of boxing king (Gong Lei is acted the role of) release after the sentence is completed after injuring foreman for workmate, no one dares to employ him;Internet bar bag stay record holder Liu Hengzhi (Wang Ning is acted the role of) because of love, want dependable marriage;Zhang Chao of net addiction teenager (Xu Juncong is acted the role of) follow good elder brothers to walk out of net bar chase wind.They are the people at the bottom of the society. The suffering of the society is broken down to everyone. The suffering is embodied and the group picture is vivid.The whole film has three “carnival”, one is in Liu Hengzhi’s wedding, we drink together, not drunk do not return;Once completed, JingHao has to pay the money I can’t continue to rent the factory, the staff offer to carry the phones back to their home, for their respective work, want to mention here, the staff to solve the difficulties of way not shoot movies together all chipped in the factory pay the rent, but the phone home to work and to labor instead of money, because everyone is too poor to take out money,All they can give is their own labor, which is their greatest kindness.On the truck carrying the factory home, a group of people singing into the sun, this is their hope of “carnival”;Another time was the final parts quality inspection standards, a group of people out of the office, footsteps floating into the elevator, the moment the elevator door closed, everyone shouted loudly, they did it!Three orgies, one is the sugar of difficult life, one is the hope of escape, one is the release of long repressed.From small joy to great joy, the miracle team works miracles in the midst of suffering.Jackson Yi’s acting in “Miracle · Stupid Child” is really worth praising, from “Young You” to “Send you a little red flower”, “Jangjin Lake” and “Miracle”, the four character brother will surprise me every time.The audience said to see the comedy film “teng”, Shen teng said later to see “xiang”, but I think “xi” may become a standard for my choice of movies, Yi Yangqianxi is really excellent, his words and deeds are Jing Hao himself.Rickets never straight back is the perennial desk repair mobile phone fatigue caused by, but also the external embodiment of his inferiority;He is poor still can borrow a friend 2000 yuan to cure a disease to his mother, but found that the friend is addicted to gambling he can viciously pressure the neck of the friend to ask to return the money;When it was soft, he would touch his sister’s head and tell her that her heart could be mended;When he is tough, he will offer the hammer to the debtor before he can play hard.Moved when he will quietly wipe the tears through the water;Li manager desperate for help in the rainy day when he put his raincoat tightly held in front of the chest, for fear of dirty people’s car……Jackson Yi’s performance is steady and delicate, with one eye and one face expressing the multifaceted nature of Jing Ho.Yi closed qianxi, the future can be expected.Aside from Jing Ho and the members of the Miracle Squad, there are no obsolete characters in the film, and each character’s existence is personalized in addition to the needs of the plot.Zhang Yu played the captain of the cleaning team with the most impatient tone to drive Jinghao away, but still gave more money;The guard room at my sister’s school peeled eggs for my sister when she was hungry, and left jinghao and her sister to sleep in their own beds.Even complete piece only “evil person” manager li (Wang Chuanjun is acted the role of) also be because oneself had not eaten bitter so cannot set the difficult that the ground of place experiences jing Hao, jing Hao in his Angle of view is the poor boy with high vision and low ambition that empty hand sets white Wolf.In addition to its well-rounded characters, “Wonder” is rare in its ability to make a sad story without feeling sad.The film is not just about suffering, the film is mixed with a lot of jokes, jokes from the story, the process of watching the film is not unexpected, even after watching the film will still feel funny, this is also my most pleasant surprise.In fact, BEFORE watching the movie, I was a little worried that the story was too sad. After all, people still want to be happy when they go to the theater during the Spring Festival. But after watching the movie, I feel more inspirational, which is suitable for all ages and different periods of time.”Miracle” also has its disadvantages, one is the end and if the party in the elevator just just right, leave aftertaste aftertaste, but followed by a period of six years later, everyone’s success is a bit trying, but the end of this kind of certainty is probably to cater to the major themes of the family – we are happy to see “every little became the people they want to be”;Another is the music in the film. In order to coordinate with the slow motion, the music was too long in some places. The long music not only shocked my heart, but also hit my eardrum with three-dimensional surround.In general, “Miracle” is not overshadowed by flaws, it is worth watching yi Yangqianxi future, looking forward to director Wen Muye’s next work, looking forward to Yi Yangqianxi continue to bring us surprises.Finally, attach the poster of “Miracle” sent by the cinema, paste “Miracle” on the wall, the New Year, look forward to the miracle!