Enjoy chi cheng | fishing sail passion infinite championship contest

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In spring, the ice and snow melt and all things revive, always giving people a sense of infinite vitality.On March 5, chery drivers from Qingdao Railway Station organized a group outing to enjoy fishing with their families and spend a wonderful day together.Qingdao drivers gathered in the 4S shop early in the morning for the Qingdao Station Fishing Competition. After the staff introduced the activity process and safety matters, they drove to dingsheng Manor together.Dingsheng Manor is located 4km west of zhangjialou Town, Qingdao West Coast New Area, close to 204 National Road, convenient transportation and superior geographical position.The park covers an area of more than 200 mu, which is divided into catering and entertainment area, fruit picking area, animal viewing area, play fishing area, activity expansion area and so on. It is a comprehensive ecological park for picking leisure and entertainment in four seasons.Here in spring, the birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, so that people here are lingering.After arriving at the manor, the cyclists, led by the staff, got the corresponding supplies, sorted out the fishing equipment, went to the river and started the fishing competition with the family as a group.Although it is a competition, but the friendship is more important, each group of families can successfully catch the moment of the big fish can attract cheers, celebrate together, the scene is very harmonious and happy.Finally, under the selection of the car friends, the fishing champion, the first, the third were all elected, we took a group photo.After the customized lunch, the riders came to the activity area and started the afternoon group building activities.First of all, the team customization activity, everyone has the same rules, unified operation, first left and then right, then down pat and shout “I”, and so on, shout out the slogan of “we are the best team”.Although it was not smooth at the beginning, we kept trying and successfully completed the task.Next comes another team sport, in which everyone pulls the rope and manipulates the towers to be stacked on top of each other. If the towers fall, they have to put them back in place and start again.Motorists hold their breath and stack gently.The task was completed with the cooperation of all of us!At the end of the event, the riders got together to freeze the beautiful memories with their cameras and keep them warm forever.Enjoy strange journey, happy non-stop.Chery had a full and wonderful day with his fellow drivers and recorded it for everyone.In the future, Chery will bring more friends activities, which will be exciting and fun.Chery will share culture and beautiful scenery with you.