Dog life expectancy list: The 3 longest and 3 shortest dog breeds

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Some dogs have a relatively long life, some dogs have a relatively short life, today to tell you about the dog world’s life list, about the longest dog and the shortest dog, see if your home on the list.The 3 dogs with the shortest lifespan:Great Danes (6 to 8 years) Great Danes are very large dogs, they are big enough to be ridden as horses but they are gentle and friendly and loyal but they have a short life span and they don’t spend much time with their owners great Danes are big and they eat a lot,This needs more money to buy dog food to the dog dog health is feeding leftovers and cheap dog food can choose nutritional quality, cost-effective dog food feeding, is advantageous to the French mastiff dog health (5 ~ 8 years life) French President originally used for hunting wild boar, and bear, then for cattle is a brave personality, strong vigilance dog the dog’s life is short,So to keep or to consider clear if have this dog, must pay attention to the combination of snacks to train good dog social practice, and people get along better, avoid many Irish wolfhounds of accident (6 ~ 10 years life) Irish wolfhounds it can be said to be a real big dog, they are quiet and the dogs were originally used to capture the Wolf,It is now used as a family dog, but unfortunately it tends to be large, they also have a shorter life span oh three kinds of dogs with the longest life span:Chinese rural dog (up to 20 years) of the Chinese rural dog is a long history in China, native breed their physical quality is good, not easy to get sick, literally can not feed the stolen case happened, the Chinese rural dog can live to about 20 years although they good breeding, but choose the high quality health advice or scientific breeding staple food or feed dog food,Ensure the chihuahua dog health (13-16 years life) chihuahua is the relatively small size of dogs, are now more people feed the dog or a long service life, can be longer accompany in their owners but chihuahua vigilance is very high, and easy to insecurity, everyday like barking in order not to disturb others, Suggestions or want to training of chihuahua,Avoid disorderly barking teddy dogs (13-15 years life) teddy is poodle dog, this is a lot of people keep dogs are very clever, friendly and docile, appearance is higher that the dog has long service life, so this is also one of the reasons why so many people have a teddy dog should pay more attention to hair, they are prone to hair fade routine care,Can choose beautiful hair dog food feeding how to choose dog food for dogs?If you are interested, click below: How to choose a beautiful hair dog food?Conclusion: What kind of dog do you have?How old are you now?