What a day

2022-07-24 0 By

This was yesterday, because last night was too late, so today.At seven o ‘clock in the evening, the rain stopped the meaning of all have no, is in front of the computer to write “the first time to do” taro fu “, was suddenly sounded the sound of mobile phone startled, the phone is called by my sister-in-law, I and sister-in-law’s intersection is not much, but because of a certain reason, recently contact some more.My niece, for some reason, had not been to her grandmother’s house for several years. This sudden visit must have made her grandparents very happy, and she took her son-in-law with her.My sister-in-law said she was calling to let me know that the two children had not had dinner. They had a snack at two or three o ‘clock in the afternoon.I hung up the phone and dialed the other one. Considering something, I decided to go back to mom’s house.Mr Xu drank wine, and because of yesterday’s activity car is still in starting a collection of points didn’t come back, had to storage battery, this cold rainy night, also be intentional, well before the storage battery through the experiment, with three years of battery can hold four trips back and forth to work (have said one tried twice before, then tried four trips) can also,That is, a single charge can ride twelve kilometers or so, to mom’s home to come and go less than six kilometers, two people, should be no problem, all the way to save the province, is in the street lights off the headlights, finally did not drop the chain, although in the home of the big uphill can only push up.To mom’s home, two children have arrived, Mr. Xu in the kitchen to help mom cook eggs noodles, I and dad accompany them chat, because the prospective nephew son-in-law is the first time to meet, the topic is mostly where people, what name, where high and so on.Because of his hard of hearing, dad simply took a pen and paper and asked his nephew to write down his name. Remembering a person’s name is the greatest respect to others.Coincidentally, my nephew’s cousin works with me…Finally to wait until the egg surface, Mr Xu’s phone rang, is invited us to package taro dumplings from friends, in order to confirm something, this is the fact that the friend’s sister is a tea line manager, a friend to her sister, Mr Xu’s brother with friends to drink tea, inadvertently said to Mr Xu, the relationship between friends and we get to know each other already for several years,And the recent intersection is more, because never heard of Mr. Xu has a brother, so call to confirm, and then should be in sigh Wu Yi so small, which can meet the friends and relatives of acquaintances.Speaking of which can and must carry things early in the morning yesterday, a car of their holiday to work, host a friend yesterday about her sister’s daughter had gone to the school to work, with the car’s sister-in-law heard is with school asked about the name, the result is heard “well”, the original friend sister’s daughter’s sister-in-law recently introduce our home to the one who is,Suddenly feel really small of wuyi, sister-in-law said to introduce, came up with a colleague’s daughter, the results of the first is indeed, and only little girl not the intention, the third (the second because age declined by me) is actually seen pictures, before had a meal together, just not good at remember face how I didn’t think of it.When my friend went to her sister’s tea shop, it must have been for the same reason, because she asked for my son’s name before she came back.This series of coincidences had to be said to be a kind of fate, and the niece’s arrival was a good omen, so to speak, the right time, the right place, and finally only the two of them together.It’s Valentine’s Day in the West again, so good luck.