“The Beginning” inside the network violence angry, Wang Mengmeng family was so destroyed

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In the Beginning, With the help of her guidance counselor, Li Shiqing finds a senior student who helped Wang mengmeng speak, but was forced to give up telling the truth because of online violence.Speech is a sharp knife, how can you attack strangers you don’t know at will on the network, everyone should be cautious in words and deeds!A surveillance video of wang mengmeng getting off the bus was posted online, prompting thousands of netizens to criticize the video.Some said she deserved it for breaking the rules of the bus, while others said her parents had no quality to raise such an uneducated daughter.They felt they had won another “battle” on the moral high ground.Unfortunately, people who have been hurt, but no longer walk out of this shadow.The most important thing to discuss in “The Beginning” is cyberbullying.Wang Mengmeng was subjected to comments from strangers who didn’t know the truth, and there were not a few of them. Then someone told the truth, and then this person was subjected to a wave of Internet violence. The cycle went on, and people wanted to see what they thought was the result, but no one paid attention to what the truth was.No one can really care about a stranger what happened, don’t do not believe, this is the true reality, be caring and attentive is network cable cut off of a root, care for each keyboard man break, as long as you are not in the network most will be isolated, and even will be malicious comments, less such examples in real life?Look at a stranger, through the rhythm of the keyboard, live isolated by torture, some even gave up their young lives…This is overstepping this thoughtless judgment and thoughtless disregard for life, so are we really going to continue to be insensitive?After watching the Beginning, what are your choices?Refuse network violence is just some of the slogans of people, but how many people really perform, after this storm, their keyboard will continue to beat, with their word to attack others.”One careless word you say may save someone, but it may also hurt someone.Don’t forget that, don’t forget that one simple thing you said could take away a life.”I hope there is no network violence in the world!Wish everyone a happy life!Unfortunately, there is no loop in time, but we must severely punish the source of online violence, the unscrupulous media who use their influence to kill people.They take advantage of people’s anger, cognition, poor information and other factors to maliciously provoke online violence.Cyberbullying, like real fights, is wrong, but the original sin is when someone is behind it.They stand on the sidelines and enjoy watching the duped argue.Count the benefits of this fight.As if they were gods in control and not responsible for anything.Even if anyone knew, manipulating the field of public opinion would calm down in a few days.And no one will remember.This is not about any one individual, this is about everyone fighting against those who control the Internet.”People on the Internet, they judge others only within their own cognitive and ethical boundaries, believing that very few of the people they see actually think from their perspective.”More reason, less malice.Hope everyone can take the brain to network speech, think twice before you act!Also hope network violence person can be punished!Resolutely resist network violence!The Internet is not outlaw!Do not harm and attack others!Unknown full picture, no comment!