He was named “Outstanding Advisor” for his love of leisure

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Nojan Rona is photographed in front of the cabinet that bears his “Good Advice Man” sash.Li Si, the chief representative of Guarantee Bank of Turkey in Shanghai, walks through Lujiazui in a sharp suit.Back in the community, he changed into regular clothes and became an “idea king” again, providing valuable suggestions for the development of Shanghai.Two identities and two perspectives also bring more opportunities for Noyan Rona from Turkey to observe Shanghai.To his surprise, a habit he has developed since settling in Shanghai nearly 26 years ago has put him in the spotlight once again.At the end of December last year, Noyan Rona was awarded the title of “Excellent Advisor” of Shanghai at the summary meeting of 2021 Shanghai People’s Suggestions Solicitation, which is another honor after he won the most Beautiful Family in China, Shanghai Magnolia Honorary Award and Shanghai Honorary Citizen.Over the years, Noyan Rona has put forward dozens of suggestions, such as shifting the location of annual inspection of business licenses of representative offices of foreign banks in Shanghai from Beijing to Shanghai, many of which have been adopted, and some have been written into the law.One wonders: Why does Noyan Rona, an expat, insist on giving advice on Shanghai’s urban development?On January 24, Noyan received a photo of the meeting from the Shanghai People’s Suggestion collection Office.He carefully rolled the picture into a cylinder with a diameter of about 5cm and stuffed it into a special box. He found an empty space on the trophy table and stuffed it into it.On the cabinet beside him, in addition to economic professional books, there are also a row of multifous certificates of honor: Appointment letter of Changning Civilized Visiting Group, Advanced Individual of Changning Expo Work, enthusiastic citizen…”I got it by doing something ‘free’.”In 1996, Mr. Noyan moved from Beijing to Shanghai for a job transfer.Before that, he stayed in Beijing for more than ten years, and finally got familiar with the environment of Beijing. When facing the new city, he was still a little nervous.”At that time, there was still an empty lot next to the Oriental Pearl Tower, and There were not so many tall buildings in Pudong…”The most difficult thing for him to get used to is food and language.”At that time, people generally spoke Shanghai dialect. What if they couldn’t understand it?I’ll learn quickly and tell others more about it.”Nowyang is fluent in Shanghai.”Do you know ‘Hendrix’?”See the reporter was stunned, he laughed cheerfully, “is the total meaning, many young people may not know.”It took noyan more than six months to get used to the pace of Life in Shanghai.It was a small incident in the community that made him decide to stay in Shanghai.Around 1999, Noyan moved into gubei community.There is a large central green space in the middle of the community, where many residents play in the spring.One day, Noyan was taking a nap on the lawn when she glanced up to see sheets hanging on the railing of several balconies on the south side.”There is nothing fixed on it, it is easy to fall off, and it will affect the beauty of the community. Can the community manager remind it?”He immediately reported the situation to the property.Before long, the property staff will communicate the situation back to him, “I feel my voice is responsive for the first time.””There are many things that I have a duty and an obligation to point out.”Since then, the “leisure” switch has been turned on, and he has focused more and more on community governance.There are often taxis in and out of the community, bringing inconvenience to residents driving and walking, Nuyang suggested that the neighborhood committee and the property to come forward, do not let the taxi into the community, up and down passengers will be at the entrance of the community;When he saw that Huangjincheng Road in Changning District was translated as “GOLD AVENUE”, he felt that it was not accurate and suggested to relevant departments that it should be translated as “GOLDEN AVENUE”…From environmental health, road management, to the demolition and violation of construction green, industry standards, etc., he can be seen everywhere, also known as the “foreign woodpecker”.Noyan quickly became known in the community for his love of leisure.Hongqiao Street in Changning District, where he lives, is known as the “Little United Nations” and is home to residents from more than 50 countries and regions.Under Noyan’s leadership, more and more foreign residents have become concerned about community development and joined “civilized visiting groups”.In the process of consultation and discussion, they have changed from “strangers” to “masters” in the community, making suggestions for the smallest “cell” of urban governance and actively integrating into urban development.At the same time, everyone realized that noyan’s “leisure” was not really “leisure”.Many of nuyang’s suggestions have been adopted by relevant departments and finally implemented into huimin’s “Golden Fruit”.Not long ago, Pudong Avenue reopened to traffic, and the sidewalks on both sides of the road took on a new look.But Noyang found that the width of the zebra crossing at the intersection of the office building is much wider than the entrance of the pedestrian path, and two pillars are erected at the entrance, which makes many pedestrians backlog in the morning and evening peak, greatly slowing down the speed of pedestrians crossing the road.”Can we widen the gap in the railings to make more room?”Noyan’s suggestion was immediately adopted, and within days the railings were in place.”Out of all these suggestions, which one do you find most rewarding?”After hearing the reporter’s question, Noyan’s mouth involuntarily raised, hurriedly lowered his head to search for the records left in his phone.Original, in 2018, the National People’s Congress is revised the personal income tax law of the People’s Republic of China to carry out consultation, Yang after extensive research, through the basic legislation point of involving foreigners law legislation proposed amendments, “the full one hundred and eighty-three days, in the first article to accumulate full one hundred and eighty-three days”, have never thought,The proposal was adopted by the National People’s Congress and written into law, which gave Noyan an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.He also suggested that the annual inspection of the business licenses of representative offices of foreign banks could be handled in Shanghai, which greatly facilitated the implementation of foreign banks and played a certain role in promoting the building of Shanghai into an international financial center.In order to create an atmosphere for everyone to participate in social governance, Shanghai has continuously expanded the channels and scope of solicitation, from a “screw” in the community to laws and regulations, so that everyone living in the city has a say.In the nearly 26 years he has lived in Shanghai, Noyan has found that with the development of the people’s city in recent years, Shanghai has become more and more willing to listen to the opinions of the public on major livelihood decisions and practical projects.In the past month, he has been invited to many symposia as a consultant.Not long ago, Changning Hongqiao street neighborhood committee organized a symposium on the prevention of telecom fraud, Nuoyang put forward his ideas at the meeting.On January 17th, under the guidance of Shanghai Talent Office, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Pudong New Area co-hosted the activity “Foreign Experts see Pudong”. Nuoyang was invited to participate in the activity and contributed “golden ideas” for Pudong New Area to become a leading area for international talent development.”I don’t consider myself a foreigner. I’m a Shanghainese.”Why does a foreigner insist on giving advice on the development of Shanghai and China?Faced with the question, Noyan put away his smile and said this sentence seriously and seriously.In his opinion, Shanghai, as an international metropolis, is open to everyone living in the city, and everyone who enjoys the development of the city has the responsibility to pay attention to the development of the city and make their own contribution.”Since the city needs and respects our advice, we should express our ideas.”During the conversation, Noyan made special mention of the “neighborhood committee”, which is unique to China.”In China, neighborhood committees are the ‘fuse’ of social operation, connecting people with government departments and performing very important functions.”When he first came to China, Noyan recognized the importance of neighborhood committees and often expressed his opinions and suggestions through them.As a foreign resident, he truly felt the core of the whole process of People’s democracy in China. “China respects the voice of the people.”Smooth channels, timely feedback and perfect public opinion collection system ensure that every resident can get a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement in the process of participation, which has become the source of power for Nuoyang’s suggestions and suggestions.In fact, Noyan is also a very calculating person. If he sees a mistake in the English translation of a dish in a restaurant, he will call the waiter to correct it.On the road, he will also stop other vehicles to warn them when he sees their doors open and brake lights damaged.Seeing a “civilized family” sign posted on his neighbor’s door, he hurried to urge his family members to be careful in their words and deeds and strive for the same honor.After the municipal and district people’s suggestions solicitation offices were set up one after another, Noyan knew in his mind, “We have such a platform, of course we need to use it, otherwise we will waste resources, right?”Of course, not every piece of advice can be taken, and Noyan has developed “tips” based on her own experience.The basic starting point is respect.Out of respect, you should pay attention to the way you communicate and leave room for each other.”There may be some suggestions you make that make sense, but there are some that you wouldn’t have thought of and need to fully understand.”Secondly, as a counsellor, a “big picture view” is indispensable.Learning to distinguish between concerns that are personal and those that are universal requires observing society at a higher level.For Noyan, the title of “Good advisor” is both an honor and a pressure.”I will continue to take charge of my leisure work and come up with more ‘brilliant ideas’ to make the city better.”With that, he volunteered to stand in front of the cabinet with its “Good Advice Man” sash, hoping to end the interview with a group photo.