Fall draft of the counterattack!Dunlow’s 700 3-pointers are the fewest in history, and Curry is only fourth

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How many games does it take for an NBA player to make 700 3-pointers?Donovan Mitchell used 270, Steph Curry 276.Yesterday, The Heat’s Duncan Robinson delivered his own: 216 games, the fastest player in league history to hit 700 3-pointers.That’s a ridiculous number. Behind him are Hiard, Mitchell and Curry, all of whom were nurtured as home stars, while Dunlow was just an underwhelmed 2018 draft pick.Of course, 700 is not the fastest three-point shooter in the league, and it doesn’t mean dunlow is better than Curry or Ray Allen, but it does mean dunlow is a prolific and efficient three-point shooter.The Heat, who have struggled so far this season, have surged to the top of the Eastern Conference, beating the Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets and other stellar teams.This is inseparable from butler, Lowry these veteran dedication, but also inseparable from Dunlow, Tucker these small people add brick.Dunlow is averaging 11.8 points, 3 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 27.5 minutes per game this season. Based on those numbers alone, his performance is mediocre and even down from last season.But he’s averaging 3.1 3-pointers per game, and the Heat’s defense is as hard as tank armor, and Dunlow is the tank’s cannon.I’ve never seen an underdraft pick get targeted on defense or even man-to-man and double-team him, even when Steph comes in.There have been many games where Dunro has been denied the ball or forced to rush shots, which has led to a decline in his overall shooting percentage this season.If his off the ball moves a little better, his ceiling will be even higher!Dunlow’s weakness is that he is weak, resulting in his very limited contribution on the defensive end.From the Heat’s game can also feel, when facing better defense team, the head coach will intentionally shorten dunlo’s playing time.But when the score is tight or when the game is on the line, Dunro is still the most reliable player on the perimeter.The heat don’t really need him to do much more, as long as he keeps playing like this, he’s part of the puzzle.Seven hundred three-pointers isn’t the end of dunroe. For a late draft pick, Dunroe started too late and started too low.The next thing he needs to do is stay healthy and improve and try to help the team win a championship.A championship ring would complete his career.