A composition written by his fifth-grade son brought tears to the “sisters” at the quarantine point

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“I had no idea that my work could affect my son so much, and it also strengthened my confidence to continue to protect the health and safety of the people!””Said Zhong Jing, a nurse at the Sijiqing Community Health Service Center, where Marco Polo is being quarantinable.It turned out that this afternoon she had received a wechat message from her husband, which contained a composition she had assigned her son in grade five that morning.To zhong Jing’s surprise, both she and her sister Zhong Ling, who also works at the isolation site, burst into tears after reading the essay.The composition reads like this: Soon the Spring Festival, my sister and I are particularly looking forward to, mom and dad prepared new clothes for us early, bought a lot of New Year goods.What’s more, this year my aunt’s family also came to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.But a sudden outbreak of the epidemic “storm” disrupted everything.Mother received a notice, the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month began to work into the isolation point, can not spend the Spring Festival with us, we are very disappointed.When my mother left, my sister and I held her hand tightly and cried sadly…On New Year’s Eve, my aunt’s family came early to reunite with us. My grandmother cooked a big table of delicious food.To eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, I can’t wait to take photos for my mother, I hope she can feel our joy and miss.After a long time, my mother finally called back to the video phone: “Happy New Year, everyone, I am fine here, there is also the New Year’s Dinner, you can rest assured…”Several aunts and uncles are sitting around a humble desk, preparing to sit down to a modest dinner.She had just taken off her thick protective clothing, and she looked gaunt with deep inverted “U” marks on her forehead and “eight” marks on her face, and irregular wrinkles on her arms.”Mother, you must be safe and come back early…”My nose was so sour that I almost burst into tears.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, another unexpected thing happened.Because manpower is insufficient, aunt also signed up actively “fight epidemic disease” battle group.Miraculously, she was in the same isolation spot as her mother.This big “coincidence” was also featured in “Hangzhou + News” – “Sisters fight together against the epidemic, they unexpectedly reunited at the centralized quarantine point”.Yes, my mother and aunt could not get together on New Year’s Eve because of the epidemic, but they got together at the quarantine point because of the joint fight against the epidemic.The “accident” went viral in the family’S wechat group, with many people praising the mother and aunt.Yes, for everyone’s safety and happiness, mom and auntie sacrifice the opportunity to be with their family, and they have to get up at 5 o ‘clock every day, and work very hard, which is admirable.My mood suddenly brightened up!This year’s Spring Festival is very special, but I feel very happy.Now, Hangzhou is striving for high-quality development and building a demonstration area of common prosperity, which cannot be separated from the joint efforts of all people.In the face of some sudden crises, it is because of thousands of “rebels” like mothers and aunts who give up their homes for everyone that our city becomes safer, warmer and more beautiful.I am proud of having such a good mother!While tens of thousands of medical workers are protecting people’s lives and health, tens of thousands of medical workers’ families are quietly supporting and encouraging them, which is their best support.Click here to see sisters fighting together as they unexpectedly reunite at a centralized quarantine site