Valentine’s Day, a man looking for takeout to send flowers to his wife, boy: You probably got green

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After all, boys and girls have different ideas.Smart women tell boys what they think.If they are stupid, they will immediately make men guess, as a result, they are not in line with their feelings, angry, in fact, it is unnecessary.The girls who received gifts on Valentine’s Day basically displayed their special programs on wechat moments.They are frustrated and wonder why the goal is always someone else’s good.Valentine’s Day prompts many lovers to fall in love, but it also causes many apparent lovers to go their separate ways, some celebrating valentine’s Day, others celebrating valentine’s Day.Now takeout food delivery legwork service is very developed, many people are busy, will choose to find a legwork boy, as long as the timely money, basically can let you deal with.Now, in the age of mini-videos, many delivery and errand boys record their daily lives on their phones.This kind of interesting thing is understood by Internet users.On Valentine’s Day, a delivery man received an order message.The man asked the boy to buy his wife a bunch of flowers.This kind of order information is actually quite common.The boy also bought a better bouquet and immediately sent it to the past.Not only did the boy not send flowers, but he posted a video warning his brother who placed the order that you’re probably green.What’s going on?According to the delivery man, he followed the man’s instructions to buy better bouquets and sent them to a specific hotel restaurant, but the woman immediately refused to accept them.The delivery man also found the daughter-in-law in his brother’s mouth, holding hands with other men, and they looked very close.Since women refuse to accept, they have only one real feedback service, but they want to wait a while.If a man can communicate well with his wife, he will send it back again, otherwise he can only return it to the store.I saw a man and a woman and thought the man was my brother who had just ordered flowers online.It didn’t.I was so embarrassed that I left without saying a word.The shipping charge of $9.50 is missing.I hope my brother finds out when he sends flowers.I also hope my brother can brush up to his level and figure it out at home with his wife.It must have been a man looking for a takeaway and buying a bouquet of flowers for his wife. The young man bought a better bouquet and sent it to him immediately, only to bump into a big oolong tea.On the phone, the woman may be told to refuse, not that she is still with another man.But the more I thought about it, the more WRONG I posted a short video about my experience and wanted to show my brother a face without naming his surname.Combined with the boy’s short story, the defendant no doubt knew the boy was talking about himself, but did not know whether it was Valentine’s Day or valentine robbery?Some netizens said that such things have been used to, especially for lovers from other places, such things are really too common.Naturally, some netizens suggested that the two were probably not a couple.Although the man called the other daughter-in-law again and again, now more people fall in love and call husband and wife.It is possible that this man is just a heterosexual friend of the woman. He is not green at all, but he just says that he is lost in the market competition of others.There are also friends who think there is something wrong with this woman, or they leave without saying a word.If two people are in a traditional relationship, see passers-by and daughter-in-law to send flowers, that person will not say a word?But what happened, the boy spread the video, expecting the man to see the short film, as soon as possible to recognize the reality, and then gradually live a better life.