She sold her hometown white apricot to the whole country and developed rural tourism, with an annual income of more than 7 million yuan!

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Hebei girl Caixiudong, independent entrepreneurship, the establishment of baixing cooperative, continuous research and innovation, leading the villagers to get rich together.After selling the white apricot in her hometown to the whole country, she introduced peach and pear trees to develop rural tourism, and put the local specialties of her hometown on the Internet to sell.CAI Xiudong put all his thoughts on the land of his hometown, the local white apricot in her hands from a kilo of one or two yuan sold to a kilo of 12 yuan, in 2020, the annual income broke through 7 million.She sells unprocessed apricots, the same as those grown by fruit farmers before, but can raise the price tenfold.What are the secrets of CAI Xiudong’s wealth?Tell the story of how to get rich in agriculture, rural areas, and excavate the experience of getting rich in grassroots characters.This period child tooth tong Qu three farmers get rich expert, look with you, get rich on the road lead wild goose just show east story.CAI Xiudong was born and raised in Niangniangzhuang township, Zunhua City, Hebei Province.Niangniangzhuang township terrain is mainly mountainous, the whole countryside beautiful scenery, fresh air.In the early years, just show east from the TV to see a lot of suburbs and rural farmhouse development is good, nimble she also opened a farmhouse in her hometown.Business was good during the peak season, when many people from the big city visited her village, and her farmhouse was bustling with activity.Because the girl cooking skills is good, coupled with simple and kind, there will be a lot of repeat visitors to her home for dinner.Niangniangzhuang township is a remote village where the main source of income is farming or young people working outside the village.Because the mountainous area, so, there are many local farmers will plant white apricot.Many growers work hard all year, but their income is not high. If the weather is bad, they cannot even recover the cost of planting the land.Just show east has been living in his hometown, looking at the villagers life is very hard, she felt in the heart is not the taste, want to make a contribution to change the status quo of the countryside.The girl visited many growers and learned that many young people go out for work and most orchards are taken care of by old people, who are not as energetic as young people, resulting in poor fruit quality.In addition, the fruit can not sell a good price, there is a very important reason, that is, fruit farmers have no market, no market, can only sell their own fruit to the buyer.The buyer will continue to lower the price, a jin of white apricot only two yuan.Just show east feel home apricot has very high value, also know growers are not easy.So, in 2011, with the support of the local government, she established a professional white apricot planting cooperative, leading local farmers to promote the white apricot to the whole country.In order to improve the quality of white apricot, she took out her savings for many years and took the members to visit and study in other places.After learning the experience, everyone in the orchard, change the previous fertilizer method, the use of organic fertilizer to plant fruit trees, the apricot head out of the big, good taste, water, sweet and delicious.After the quality improvement, CAI Xiudong racked his brains to raise the price of white apricot further.One day, the idea of grading all the apricots came to her.She thought of using a ruler to measure apricot, diameter of more than 7 centimeters of white apricot, if there is no scratch on the body, can be identified as high-quality goods, with a gift box packed a jin can be sold to 12 yuan, the rest of the apricot is divided into first class apricot, first class apricot.The practice raised the price of an apricot tree directly from 600 to 700 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan, and CAI has offended many people in the process.She strictly controls the quality of apricots, to the point of no recognition.As long as Bai Xing does not meet the regulations, even if it is a blood relative, she will return the unqualified products.At the beginning, many old people in the village thought that the girl was too serious. They were all from the same village, and there was no need to do so.Later see apricot sold a good price, the villagers understand just show east painstaking, to support her work.White apricot under normal circumstances, the cracking rate will be 30 to 40 percent, if it is raining, the cracking rate will be as high as 60 percent.The apricots on the trees are cracked but juicy and sweet to eat.Consumers do not know the way, many people see cracks in the apricot, will subconsciously think that the fruit quality is not good, would rather pay a high price to buy perfect white apricot, rather than buy scar apricot.Fruit farmers also dont have the heart to dump a large number of apricots rotten, just show east after hearing everyone reflect the problem, decided to canned apricots, also made apricots delicious delicacies, sold at their farmhouse table.Through her skillful hands, the unwanted split fruit suddenly sold hundreds of thousands.The best way to maximize the value of an apricot tree is to reduce the cracking rate so that undamaged apricots can be sold in gift boxes for a higher price than canned apricots.To solve the problem, CAI read a lot of books and consulted many experts, and finally found a perfect solution.A mixture of milk and water, sprayed on almond trees, directly reduced cracking rates by at least 40 percent.Seeing white apricots increase the income of local villagers, CAI thought he could plant other fruit trees based on the local climate and terrain.In 2017, she brought fo Jian Xi Li from Beijing.This kind of pear flesh is delicate, the fruit shape is regular, yield is higher than ordinary pear.The average price of Fojian Xi pear is 20 yuan per catty, more than 10 times higher than the average price of 1.5 yuan per catty banana pear planted by local fruit farmers.Although most farmers trust Xiudong, some feel it is risky to change the variety of pears they plant, fearing that they will lose money if they fail to produce good fruit locally.The girl also considered the concerns of the growers.She called a meeting in the cooperative and explained in detail the many advantages of the fojian Pear. She also let the farmers taste the pear and taught everyone the planting skills.With her encouragement, farmers took comfort, and many farmers enthusiastically signed up and decided to cultivate excellent pears with her.CAI Xiudong’s cooperative orchards cover an area of 1,200 mu, with about 600 mu planted with white apricots and more than 600 mu planted with other fruits.Since the establishment of the cooperative, a total of more than 200 households have absorbed members, not only the industrialization of white apricot, standardization, but also led the local people to increase income and production.The cooperative society provides free fertilizer, tools and other goods to the farmers.The girl also moved the farmhouse music to the cooperative, which now has more than 20 farmhouse music houses that can accommodate more than 400 people at a time and receive up to 100,000 people a year.Just show east has not forgotten his original intention to lead everyone to get rich together.She provided jobs to 18 registered poor households and bought their produce at prices 10 percent above market prices.The company also distributes free seeds and fertilizer to poor households.During the off-season, she organizes local women to make sticky bean buns by hand. She also opens an online store, which sells many local products in the village to the whole country online.Industrious girl also registered niangniang Tribute brand trademark, unified packaging of local products, reputation, improve market competitiveness.Now niangniangzhuang township has thousands of acres of apricot flowers, thousands of acres of peach blossom, ten miles of pear flowers.Looking at the unique scenery of his hometown, CAI Xiudong negotiated with the local government to carry out rural tourism, which added new ways for villagers to get rich and brought more than 40 women into employment.Niangniang village villagers under the leadership of just show east, more and more drum bags, life is more and more sweet.After that, Caixiudong will integrate catering, accommodation, picking, farm meals and fruit deep processing. It will also introduce new varieties and develop new technologies to further expand the fruit planting area.She will also make better use of e-commerce platforms to continuously raise the visibility of local agricultural products and lead more people to become rich.Just show east can turn the remote village into a money-making village, in addition to her unique vision, know how to continue to innovate, but also because she has a sense of responsibility, when seeing the villagers poor life, the first thought is to lead the people to get rich through their own strength.In order to let the villagers live a prosperous life, she did not mind spending her savings to lead farmers to learn technology and experience for free.After earning their own money, to help the poor households, to promote the employment of local women, really achieved together with the villagers to increase their income.I believe that the future of niangniangzhuang township under the leadership of talent show east, will develop better and better, local farmers’ pockets will be drum day by day.After reading the story of CAI Xiudong, you think what kind of spirit is worth learning from her?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to continue to move forward.– the END — gone with the wind