Carry out “physical examination” for full coverage of heating boiler room

2022-07-23 0 By

During the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, Haifang heating company in order to effectively do a good job in production safety, completely eliminate safety risks, organize staff to the boiler room safety inspection.The inspection, haifang heating company focused on boiler room equipment and facilities, environmental place elimination records, emergency plans, safety signs, rules and regulations, as well as the staff canteen and so on a detailed inspection.On the one hand, to ensure that the fire extinguisher, fire hydrant inspection form filling specification;On the other hand, ensure that the fire passageway is unblocked, there is no accumulation of sundries, no illegal parking and illegal charging of electric bicycles, and ensure that all safety prevention and control measures are strictly implemented during the epidemic.At the same time of safety inspection, Haifang heating Company requires all operating stations and teams to attach great importance to fire safety work.Spring has always been a period of frequent fire, the company emphasized to increase efforts to rental housing, electric bike charging standard management.At the same time, the construction site, warehouse, “two channels” unblocked weak areas and other parts are also the focus of investigation and rectification.During heating boiler room safety inspections be carried out, the sea room heating companies continue to push forward “a enterprise with a standard, a post a listing” enterprise security hidden perils in standardized management system, and urged full-time departments strengthen employee safety education training, strengthen the training and examination of the safety of the boiler operators, strictly for stoker special equipment personnel documents audit, further standardize the operation process,Improve employees’ safety awareness and emergency handling ability, eliminate potential safety hazards in boiler rooms from the source, and curb the occurrence of accidents.For entering flood season, the company requires the operating station according to the haidian district in 2022 flood control work key point “the flood control work key point of housing investment group’s request, in advance arrangement deployment, one by one to carry out the specific responsibility, firm against sin foundation, to carry out easy stagnant water points, low-lying point yard, limited space and other hazard.At the same time, before the flood season, strengthen the flood control material reserve, early planning, early arrangement, early implementation, to do “rather than use, never available and unprepared”, to ensure that the company’s production safety work smoothly.(Reporter Kan Lili)