Anhui a convoy to pick up the bride, but the groom was left at home, the end of the light

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Guide language: marriage does wedding is a very formal thing, of course flow is more, need to have a lot of steps, if not ahead of schedule familiar, can appear very likely fork.Some time ago in a home in Suzhou, Anhui province, is holding a wedding, behind this happened, let us laugh and cry.The groom and a groomsman were still at home, unaware that the wedding car had left.When the steward saw the groomsman, he joked why he was still there. At that time, the groomsman thought why was I in a hurry when the groom was still there?When they found that the wedding car had gone, the two people were in a circle. When they got to the wedding car, the bride had already put on her red shoes.After reading this, many netizens have published their own comments. Some netizens joked that “I have no experience in getting married for the first time”, sometimes it is normal to make mistakes, and some people often make jokes at the wedding, but these are ok, as long as the wedding can end normally, sometimes the jokes can also liven up the atmosphere.Some netizens joked that it was mainly to pick up the bride, and it didn’t matter whether there was a groom or not.Marriage is a happy event and a solemn commitment to the future.I hope everyone has only one wedding, and I can grow old hand in hand with my beloved. Although there are small quarrels, my love for each other is still the same. I hope everyone can meet the right person.Conclusion: the man married was left at home, was teased for the first time not experience.