Qingming holiday first day of the province’s high-speed real-time road conditions here

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The reporter learned from the provincial highway toll center that as of 9 o ‘clock on April 3, 2022, all expressways in the province were normal except for the following sections.Provincial highway toll center to remind the public, long holiday travel in advance to pay attention to road conditions, reasonable arrangements for travel routes and time, real-time road conditions can be concerned about “Shaanxi Traffic 12122” for access.1. The expressway around the city is closed through the exit of the Toll Gate.2. The entrances and exits of Shaozhai, Shuigou and Nanzhai toll stations in Baoji section of Yinkun Expressway are closed;Hanchuan section nanhu, Xiishenba, Longtoushan toll station exit closed.3. The exit of xian-Wei Section of Lianhua-Xinjiang Expressway and Toll station in eastern Qinling was closed.4. Trucks are forbidden to pass through the entrance of Hancheng Toll Station in Xiyu section of Beijing-Kunming Expressway, and intermittent release is implemented for the exit of Toll station in Longmen and Longmen Industrial Park towards Xi ‘an.West Han section paper workshop, Rosefinch toll station entrance, jinshui toll station exit closed.5. Exit of Pengzhen Toll Station in Xiyan section of Yanxi Expressway, and exit of Chuankou Toll Station is closed.West tongduan Yaozhou south, Yaozhou north toll station exit closed, Zhou Xiao intersection, ma ‘e intersection closed.6. Huashiya, Jinyang Lake, Yanchi and Ma ‘e Toll Station exits in Xifu section of Baomao Expressway, and the entrance and exit of Yangquan Toll Station are closed;Jingfu Section fuxian West, Tianci Bay, Lijiawan toll station entrance;Yu Jing Section Wang Zewan, xiaohaotu toll station exit closed;Yaskawa section bashan Toll Gate entrance closed, exit zhenba direction closed.7. The entrance and exit of Shuangcheng Toll station in Suiding section of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, the exit of Tiaojing, Weijialou and Xianchengsi toll station, the exit of Zhongjiao and Xinjagou toll Station in Suiwu Section are closed.8. Exit of Sishili Pu and Yuhe Toll station in Yusui section of Yulan Expressway; exit of Folding Jiaping, Huaining Bay, Qingjiannan and Wangjiaping toll Station in Suiyan section; entrance and exit of Linzhen Toll station in Yanhuang Section are closed.9. Exit of Wuqibei and Xin ‘anbian toll stations of Yanding Expressway was closed.10. Exit of Wen anyi and Qiankun Bay toll stations of Yanyan Expressway, and entrance and exit of Qinghua Bian, Panlong, Yongping and Fengzhuang toll stations are closed.11. Exit of Yujia Expressway tollgate is closed.12. The exit of Onya Toll Station on Shenjiami Expressway is closed.13. The exit of chacheng, Shahe, Yanjing, Puzhen and Chadian toll stations in Xiliao section of the Ten-day Expressway is closed.14. The exit of Tongchuan East Toll Station of Hetong Expressway is closed, and the exit of Baishui North, Hongtu and Tongjiazhuang toll Station is closed.15. The exit of Wuzishan and Yangjiahe toll stations of Guzhen Expressway is closed.16. Social vehicles are not allowed to pass through hekou and Fengxian toll stations of Taifeng Expressway.17. Exit of Tongxun Expressway Zhaojin Toll Station is closed.18. The entrance and exit of Xinglong Toll Station on Xianxun Expressway are closed.19. All ETC lanes at the entrance of toll stations between Longtoushan and Jiangxiying of Yinkun Expressway in Baochuan section are closed.20. The exit of ankang Airport Toll Gate in Anchuan section of Baomao Expressway was closed.21. Fo-yin Expressway west long section taiyu Toll Station exit ETC lane closed.22. All trucks and non-ETC passenger cars are prohibited at the entrance of Brick Well toll Station in Suiding section of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway.1. Due to heavy traffic flow, the expressway around the city is two-way between Tianwang Interchange and Baqiao interchange, the outer ring direction between Textile City to Xiangwang, high-tech zone to Qujiang, the inner ring direction between Chang ‘an Road to Zhangba, Weiyang North, xinzhu toll station exit traffic is slow.2. Due to heavy traffic, sections K1036 to K1031 of The Xiyu section of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway between the Port Area and Gaoling in the Direction of Beijing are moving slowly.3. Due to heavy traffic flow, traffic is slow near K5 between Sanqiao and Xianyang in xingping direction of Xixing section of Lianhuo Expressway.4. Due to the epidemic prevention and control inspection, the traffic flow at the exit of Shangluoxi, Nanchengzi and Yangxi Toll Station in the Lanshang Section of The Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway was heavy and the traffic was slow.5. Due to heavy traffic flow, the ankang side of Baomao Expressway goes from K891 to K892 near Wequ Toll Station and from K909 to K910 near Taiyigong Toll Station, and the exit of Wequ and Taiyigong toll Station passes slowly.6. Traffic is slow at the Wu Po Toll Gate exit of Suiwu Section of TSING – Yin Expressway.1. From November 22,2021 to June 30, 2022, area A of Luoyang Service Area in the direction of Tianshui in the West section of Ten-day Expressway will be closed due to optimization engineering construction.2. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, jingyang parking area of Xianxun Expressway was closed.3. Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, qingjian North service area suide and Qingjian South service area Yanchuan direction of Yulan Expressway are closed.1. Due to the construction of flood damage emergency repair works, the emergency lane is occupied in both directions from K491 to K581 of Weiyu section of Yulan Expressway.2. Due to the renovation and expansion of Shichuan River Bridge, section K1009+900 to K1010+900 of Beijing-Kunming Expressway between Fuping and Yanliang in xi ‘an direction will occupy the emergency lane. The construction is expected to end on June 10.3. Due to optimization engineering construction, from 08:00 to 18:00 every day from January 4,2022 to June 30,2022, area A of Luoyang Service Area in tianshui direction of The Ten-day Expressway xiliao section will be closed.4. Due to temporary construction, section K771+700 to K772+100 of Baomao Expressway between Tongchuan New Area and Jinyang Lake in Xi ‘an direction will occupy the emergency lane. The construction is expected to end at 18:00 on April 30.5. Affected by the construction, section K140 to K138 between Zhanghe and Shuanghe in baihe direction of Baiquan section of Tian-ten Expressway will occupy the carriageway. The construction is expected to end on June 30.6. Due to the construction of steel beam replacement of expansion joint, K839+295 between Lv Xiaozhai Interchange and Niefeng Toll Station on Xifu Section of Baomao Expressway in Xi ‘an direction will occupy two traffic lanes and emergency lanes. The construction is expected to end at 18:00 on April 2.7. Section K1495 to K1494 between Lantian and Yushan in the direction of Shangluo in the West Business section of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway will occupy one lane and emergency lane, and the shangluo ramp at the entrance of Lantian Toll Station will occupy one lane. The construction is expected to end on June 30.8. Due to road maintenance construction, from March 23 to December 31,2022, section K0 to K61 of Yanding Expressway between Zhaan and Zhidan will occupy one lane in both directions, and the speed limit of the construction section will be 40km/h.9. Due to equipment maintenance, the ETC lane at the exit of Anbian Toll Station in Suiding section of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway is temporarily closed.10. Due to bridge overspan construction, one-way two-way traffic will be carried out at K945+310 near Luofu Toll Station in Xiwei section of Lianhuo Expressway. The construction is expected to end on September 30.11. Due to temporary maintenance construction, the lane and emergency lane will be occupied in section K17+500 to K25+000 between Gaojiayuan Parking area and Jiaxian West service Area in Yulin direction of Yujia Expressway. The construction is expected to end on April 30.1. Due to road subsidence, two traffic lanes and emergency lanes are occupied at K595+300 between Ganquan West and Fuxian West of Jingfu Section of Baomao Expressway in Yan ‘an direction.2. Due to subgrade subsidence, one lane and emergency lane are occupied at K621+150 between Fuxian West Toll Station and Ganquan Service Area on jingfu Section of Baomao Expressway in Xi ‘an direction.3. Due to the collapse of linhe retaining wall, shuiyang high-speed Zha shui direction between The East and west of Phoenix BETWEEN K58+800 to K59+100 section, K59+300 to K59+400 section occupied traffic lane and emergency lane.4. Affected by the landslide, anlan Expressway ankang South Toll Station exit leads to implement single two-way traffic.Special note 1. All tollgate entrances and exits of the airport expressway are prohibited for lorries except for transporting epidemic prevention materials.2. According to the notice of Shangnan County government, trucks with four axles and above are prohibited to pass through the exit of Shangnan West Toll Station 24 hours a day.3. Due to the need of governance to exhaust, daily 7 and 22, even huo high-speed west nutrient-laden period of weinan, weinan, east to west highway toll station interval period (weinan GuoJingXian) imposed a ban on transit of large and medium-sized trucks and yellow truck traffic, weinan, weinan west entrances a ban on yellow truck traffic toll station, east station entrance prohibited besides involving people’s livelihood (weinan is really necessary to enter the main vehicle in jurisdictions traffic police for the recordAnd pass in accordance with the specified time and route in a safe and orderly manner.4. Trucks are prohibited from baoji Toll Station exit and Jiangcheng Toll Station entrance to Baoji crossing line in Baotian section of Lianhuo Expressway.(Photo provided by Feng Xiaorui, journalist of Xi ‘an Press) editor: An Zhi