Join hands with Yangjiang to build the first “Rural Revitalization Talent Training Base” in Zhongkai

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The text/yangcheng evening news media reporters Sun Wei correspondent Have offered, Gong Huifeng figure/school guangdong yangjiang ‘experimental zone of the first cooperation with colleges and universities “country revitalization of the talent training base” – ZhongKai institute of agricultural engineering “country revitalization of the talent training base” on February 17th in yangjiang lock slope town, shuangfeng village committee was founded SAN UK tsuen.It is reported that the base will train more high-tech “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” team for Hailing District.He Bincheng, president of Guangdong Rural Vitalization Training Institute of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, Jin Guogu, deputy Director of Hailing District Management Committee and other officials attended the opening ceremony of the base. Guangdong Vitalization Training Institute of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering signed a talent training cooperation agreement with Yangjiang Fengzhifeng Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Co., LTD.Industrial revitalization is inseparable from talent.Officials of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering said that the university will give full play to its talents and discipline advantages, run the “Training base for Rural revitalization talents”, train more high-quality agricultural talents for Yangjiang Hailing Pilot Zone, and help comprehensively promote rural revitalization.Hailing Pilot Zone will fully support and cooperate with the work of the training base for rural revitalization talents of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering in accordance with the construction of “Four Seasons of Hailing”, and strive to build Shuangfeng Village into a demonstration village of rural revitalization and the training base into a cradle of talents for rural revitalization.At present, the 1200 mu leisure agriculture planting base built by Shuangfeng Village Committee in spring is being accelerated. The 200 mu sweet yellow watermelon planting base in Xinwu Village has completed seedling breeding, land leveling and other preliminary work. The technical guidance from the school has been in place and is being promoted in an orderly way.It is understood that Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering is a university with advantages in agriculture and engineering. In 2017 and 2018, zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering was selected as the first batch of National and Guangdong Province new Professional Farmer Training Demonstration Base.The school innovates the social service model. In May 2021, the School’s Rural Revitalization Training College was upgraded to Guangdong Rural Revitalization Training College and approved by the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as the business guidance unit. Heyuan Branch, Huizhou Branch and East Guangdong Branch were established successively.It focuses on training talents for rural revitalization, such as leaders of the “Head goose” project, new type of professional farmers, leaders of specialized farmers’ cooperatives, and rural construction craftsmen.At present, more than 100 high-quality training and practice bases for farmers have been established around the country.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Liu Xinyu