Heavy positive!The optics Valley road will be open to traffic soon

2022-07-22 0 By

Recently, some netizens asked: The section of Gaoxin Second Road (Tongli Road to Future Second Road) was opened to traffic at the end of the Lunar calendar, do not know whether it was opened to traffic, or when?In response, the official said: “After verification, the road has been rebuilt, submitted to the transportation department for reporting, has received a reply, it is expected to open to traffic from Tongli Road to the future three sections around the fifteenth day of January.Before that, there are citizens to reflect that: the construction of gaoxin Second Road piling midnight every night, on a day’s shift back noisy not.Can’t we just set a time and finish tonight?When will the maintenance of gaoxin No.2 road be finished?Finally, there are only two buses on gaoxin No.2 Road, and they are often stuck in the middle of the road because of road construction. It is easy to be late for work, and the living experience and happiness are poor.Can we optimize the public transportation of the second gaoxin Road?In response, the donghu High-tech Zone said that after verification, the complainants mainly complained about noise, construction time and traffic service problems.In view of the noise problem, the construction time is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, among which the operation time of the mechanical equipment with high noise disturbance is from 6:30 to 22:00, and the rest of the time can only be carried out such as earth digging, dreg, road bed and other noise controlled construction operations.At present, we have communicated with the construction team to ensure that the machinery can rest for 60 to 90 minutes at noon every day.In view of the construction time, the gaoxin Second Road project officially started construction on December 24, 2020, which is divided into road drainage project and pipe corridor project. On December 31, the southwest part of the outer ring was opened to traffic, and it is expected to be completed in August 2022.To optimize public transportation, our company will also report this problem to relevant departments.The construction project of Gaoxin 2 Road (Baoxi Road – Future 3 Road), the demonstration section of Gaoxin 2 Road, starts from Baoxi Road in the west and ends at Future 3 Road in the east, with a total length of 10.4 kilometers.The goal is to promote the digitalization of traffic with smart cars, smart roads and innovative cities, and accelerate the exploration of the commercial scenarios of the autonomous driving industry.The intelligent pipe corridor is also designed on this road, which transfers strong electricity, weak electricity, gas, water and heat pipelines into the corridor, so as to realize the visualization, integration, intelligent and operational management of the pipe corridor on a unified platform.Through demonstration section (leopard creek road – the next three road) high acoustic (leopard creek road – the next three road construction projects rendering intelligence source | optical valley, wuhan urban message board