Electric Horse guards lights of thousands of homes by fighting ice and snow during Spring Festival

2022-07-22 0 By

On New Year’s Eve, they stood at the power supply line.Fighting ice and snow, they guard lights of thousands of homes.On January 31, New Year’s Eve, snow fell heavily in Lengshuijiang city. The staff of chengbei Power Supply Office of State Grid Lengshuijiang City Power Supply Company carried out anti-freezing and ice-melting emergency repair work on the constant line of 10 kv mine in the face of rain and snow, to ensure the warm Spring Festival for customers in the area.”As long as it is cold winter, our mines are the disaster areas. We should constantly inspect the snow and ice covered lines and eliminate dangerous situations in time.”The company dongfanghong (electric horse) Communist party member service team Yang Xianglin put down the funeral event of her grandmother, tears in her eyes after kneeling with the players rushed to the scene of emergency repair, deputy general manager Zhao Jiantao endured the pain of stone still stick to the first line of anti-freezing melting ice.In the face of the extreme rain and snow weather, Lengshuijiang company carefully planned, held many Spring Festival power supply and service scheduling meetings, organized all departments to act quickly, strictly implement the pre-control measures, to ensure the production and life of the city’s people reliable electricity.The company took multiple measures simultaneously, scientifically prepared emergency plans, combined with the actual operation of the power grid, carefully prepared emergency plans to withstand low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters, and key task lists, further defined post responsibilities, emergency disposal measures and procedures, and earnestly prepared for disaster weather emergency work;The investigation of hidden dangers was carried out in advance, and the investigation of hidden dangers of power distribution line equipment was carried out in depth. More than 10 critical defects were eliminated, and more than 200 tree barriers were cleared. The special patrol and special care of lines in alpine mountains was comprehensively strengthened to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power grid equipment.Strengthen the coordination between government and enterprise, strengthen communication and contact with municipal departments such as the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the Meteorological Bureau, timely grasp weather changes and meteorological disaster forecasts, and immediately respond to all kinds of disaster warning information and work requirements issued by the government;Do a good job in emergency response.Strengthen emergency duty during early warning, organize emergency rescue teams to stay on standby 24 hours a day, get all kinds of emergency supplies ready, and make full preparations to deal with all kinds of emergencies.Next, lengshuijiang power supply company will continue to pay close attention to weather changes, strengthen government-enterprise linkage, equipment operation monitoring and service communication.The party members played a pioneering role and spared no effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of the city’s power grid during the Spring Festival despite inclement weather.