Women are still frequently harassed by “matchmakers” after unloading baihe online APP

2022-07-21 0 By

Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful thing. The emergence of many matchmaking websites and agencies has solved many people’s matchmaking problems, but Ms. Liu in Shenzhen has been troubled by the registration of matchmaking websites.Having once registered on baihe.com, Liu has been plagued by phone calls from matchmaking website Matchmaker since July last year.Reporter investigation found that a lot of people have been marriage network telephone harassment problem.According to Liu, she downloaded baihe.com’s APP and provided her personal information to register in April last year.After using the APP for two months, Ms. Liu decided to cancel and uninstall the APP because it was not easy to use.But since July, baihe.com matchmakers have been calling Liu every 10 days to “sell” their partners, during which time Liu repeatedly complained to Baihe.com’s Beijing headquarters, telling them to stop harassing them by phone and deleting her number from the system.Although baihe headquarters has received a positive reply, but the phone harassment problem continues, so far has not been solved.Liu said, “I’m sick and tired of the harassment!There are always new baihe.com employees harassing me on the phone. Every one of them said they were not harassing me and this was the first time they called me. Now I am tired of explaining and do not want to be harassed any more.”According to the survey, such harassment problems are not unique.A lot of people who have registered lily net are harassed by “matchmaker” in different degrees.A surnamed Zhang introduced, after he registered lily net, he was constantly harassed by phone, and even played 5 times in one minute. After answering, he was also reprimanded by the other party “such a big person, why should hang up the phone?”And Mr. Wang reflected the situation and Miss Liu similar, cancel uninstall by different “matchmaker” phone harassment, and there are different provinces and regions of the phone let him go blind date.Mr. Wang considers this kind of disorderly introduction is not blind date at all, is harassment and “play hooligan.”According to the insiders, the so-called “matchmaker” is actually sales, with real estate sales by commission gains money.”Matchmakers” are tasked with making phone calls, and their personnel management is relatively independent, making it difficult to retrieve data once distributed.Many “matchmakers” use 400 or other enterprise numbers to make calls, which makes it difficult to intercept mobile phones and supervise enterprises.In addition, “matchmaker” to complete the performance, most of the information provided are false, most of the marriage websites have “changed taste”.Regarding the problem of service type telephone harassment, the lawyer gives advice.In the case that Miss Liu has cancelled her account, it is a contractual obligation to make a screenshot of the harassing phone call record and record it, and then complain to the industry and Information Technology Bureau.If there is still no settlement, a lawsuit can be brought based on the post-contractual obligations to stop the infringement and claim damages.Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Editor: Xing Zhibin