Welcome the hometownsfolk, return to the hometown, build the hometown, Wu Guiying and they talk about their hometown friendship, and seek common future development

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Welcomed 2022 “person of hometown, back to hometown, built home” long distance in changsha, hunan province chamber of commerce of the spring symposium and investment promotion and capital introduction “good start” project signing event, gui-ying wu to attend and speak changsha provide jian-xin zheng a bigger stage to make my dream come true for you in changsha evening news handheld changsha February 12 (all media reporters Chen Denghui LingQing) this afternoon,Changsha held the 2022 Spring Festival Symposium for the presidents of changsha Chamber of Commerce in different places and the signing activity of the “Good start” project of attracting investment.Wu Guiying, member of the Standing Committee of CPC And Secretary of CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, Zheng Jianxin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and Mayor gathered together with more than 20 presidents of Changsha Chamber of Commerce at home and abroad and entrepreneurs from Changsha to discuss the future development and witness the signing of major investment projects.City leaders Kan Baoyong, he Zhaohui, Liu Yongbing, Kang Zhenlin attended.At the symposium, Wu Guiying extended her best wishes and sincere thanks to all of you.”Looking back on the way back, Changsha is wonderful because of your hard work and dedication.”Gui-ying wu said that since the reform and opening to the outside world, generation after generation of hunan, carry forward the “pioneer CARES about the world,” the spirit of hunan, adhering to the “hometown, serve the native place” pure heart, set up foreign exchange “is intimate friends the bridge”, provide the “driving force” of economic development, alleviate difficult solution to send “timely rain”, to promote the changsha economic and social development has made important contributions.”Today’s hometown enjoys broader development prospects, stronger driving forces and a better environment.”Wu guiying said that changsha will provide a broad stage for you to realize your dreams.Looking at the road ahead, I hope you can bring broad vision, innovative ideas, effective funds, demonstration projects and high-quality talents to the development of your hometown.She put forward three expectations: First, I hope everyone will participate in the construction and development of Changsha.Hope everyone together its own technological advantage and industrial layout, establishing normalized investment cooperation mechanism, do strong delay chain, chain, chain, the more the emerging industry, high-end projects bring back home, the more capital resources, high and new technology, talents bring back home, a good addition to the economic and social development of my hometown.Second, we look forward to promoting international exchanges in Changsha.Hope everyone to play a leading role and radiation effect, facilitate do more work, promote more enterprises and businessmen to invest in changsha, boost changsha depth into the domestic and international new development pattern, dual cycle power construction depth of china-africa trade and economic cooperation area, actively construct unicom Yangtze river economic belt and a large bay area of guangdong international investment and trade corridor.Third, I hope you will take the initiative to tell the story of Changsha.I hope you will continue to polish the business card of Hunan businessmen, give full play to the advantages of the platform, expand the channels of outreach, vigorously promote Changsha, promote Changsha, let more people know about Changsha, pay attention to Changsha, walk into Changsha, invest in Changsha.Wu said changsha will fully implement the policy orientation of “continuously stimulating the vitality of market players”, carry out special actions to optimize the business environment, deepen the reform of “delegating power, improving regulation and improving services”, and strive to create a hot place for innovation and entrepreneurship with the fewest approval items, the highest efficiency, the best investment environment and the strongest sense of gain for enterprises.On the site of the event, 9 major investment projects were signed, with a total investment of 12.82 billion yuan, covering various industries such as artificial intelligence, new energy, bio-medicine, intelligent logistics, as well as various business forms such as intelligent manufacturing, headquarters economy and new infrastructure, showing the characteristics of “clustering, strong chain and promoting openness”.