To bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year, Zhengtonglu Primary School carried out a colorful winter holiday themed practice activity of “inheriting Spring Festival customs”

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Zhongyuan network news (Zhao Wenyuan correspondent Gao Yanan) “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the tu Su”.In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, erqi District zhengtong Road primary school children are also making positive preparations.Look, they are feeling Chinese unique folk customs in practice, harvest the joy of labor.Small scissors hand take, I learn grandma cut window……Cut beautiful paper-cuts and send sweet wishes. Children cut paper-cuts with clever hands in different shapes and bright colors.A delicate works filled with joy and peace of the atmosphere of spring.Children also prepare a New Year greeting card for their loved ones.Spring Festival couplets symbolize people’s good wishes and the sustenance of the New Year.During the Spring Festival, every family sticks Spring Festival couplets to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, increasing the festive atmosphere.Look, the little “calligraphers” with beaming Spring Festival couplets, to bring you the holiday wishes and greetings.Making dumplings and steaming steamed buns are special folk customs of Chinese people during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the whole family gather together to make dumplings and steamed steamed buns, and the children roll up their small sleeves and learn earnestly with their young hands.Hanging lanterns during the Spring Festival is also a custom of the Spring Festival, red lanterns hung high, a symbol of life round and prosperous.Children with clever hands to a piece of red card into a beautiful lanterns, orange peel in the hands of the children has become a lovely orange lamp.Small lanterns hung at home add to the festive atmosphere of the festival.The development of these activities, not only enrich the children’s winter vacation life, but also make the children feel the extensive and profound Chinese culture and infinite charm.At the same time, the colorful Spring Festival cultural customs, also further enhance the children’s national pride and patriotic enthusiasm.Today’s flowers bloom the past, and tomorrow’s flowers will be more red.The New Year, carrying new hope;In the New Year, children will write a new chapter.Editor: Zhang Sipei