The world of corrupt officials you kill endless, Zhu Yuanzhang answered 5 words, spread up to now

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Since ancient times, all can become the emperor of the National People’s Congress was born of nobility or prominent noble family, because these people have a relatively strong family background and network resources, set up his forces is easy, but not all of the emperor, and this is in the hundreds of Chinese emperor there exist some grass-roots origin of the emperor, said here.We have to mention zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty.Once just give the landlord house herding cattle, eventually forced by life attended Guo Zixing insurgents, who would have thought after this he overthrew the rule of the yuan dynasty, established their own power, and because he was a commoner, so know the folk sufferings, when the emperor is rectify ChaoGang, weed out the corruption of officials, killed in the end,Hu Yong, the criminal minister, had shouted to his anger that you could not get rid of all the corrupt officials in the world, and Zhu Yuanzhang only answered five words, which has what kind of story?01 at the beginning of the founding, punish corrupt officials, zhu yuanzhang in the throne after proclaimed himself to the construction of the Ming dynasty, and one of them is very strict, he does it is own hands must not have a corrupt officials, and he will hunt down that on the one hand, mainly with him have a direct link to the childhood experiences.Zhu Yuanzhang was born into an extremely poor rural family in Anhui Province. Due to the decadent rule of the Yuan Dynasty, the bureaucratic system was also corrupt, and local officials even embezzled food and rates, imposed taxes on the common people, and corruption and bribery were ubiquitous, which persecuted many dawn people.Such a life indirectly led to zhu Yuanzhang’s parents hanged themselves, so this thing brought great psychological damage to Zhu Yuanzhang, after becoming the emperor, in order to avoid such a tragedy, he would not be soft on corrupt officials.It is said that Zhu Yuanzhang made a regulation at that time, that is, any money that is corrupt and bribed, more than 60 taels of silver will be punished with death penalty, without review, also do not have to report, directly beheaded public can be, from this regulation can clearly show zhu Yuanzhang’s idea and determination to punish corrupt officials.So is it ok to embezzle only 60 taels of money?This data is actually a judge whether the prisoner can be executed standard, does not represent a regnant officials could make such a thing, there are a lot of official corruption is just some small amount of possessions were listless, light face is flipping the stamp of the crime, lost his dignity as a person, also lost the trust and respect of people,Or directly by the execution of the officers beat disability.Therefore, in general, Zhu Yuanzhang was very strict in the investigation of corrupt officials, civil and military officials in the court did not dare to dissent, dare not do things beyond the law, many officials even because there is no money to make a living.For example, at that time, the governor of Dali was unable to support his family with his salary for a year. In the end, even eating was a problem. He even went to the temple to eat some rice porridge given by monks.02 practice favoritism, Hu Weiyong black-box is the so-called “where there is oppression there is resistance,” since the minister zhu yuanzhang under so much pressure, also someone will naturally refuses, although on the surface will not rule against zhu yuanzhang, but in private certainly not without action, in which there is such a person with the aid of their functions and powers and means,Constantly make some cholera laws and regulations, this person is the prime minister Hu Weyong at that time.As a minister below one person and above ten thousand people, he was naturally unwilling to live a poor life. Since ancient times, what person would not want to live a life of prosperity and wealth?Hu Weyong was no exception, so he began to explore carefully, constantly groping at the edge of the law, first accepting some small favors and property, and constantly wooing some officials, forming a force of his own.Zhu yuanzhang for these things is to understand somewhat, but alternative Hu Weiyong positions, he could not recall or execution, as a result, are likely to cause the confusion of the hall, oneself will also lack of a good helper, so for many things to choose can endure the endure, and Hu Weiyong see zhu yuanzhang this attitude, began to unscrupulous use their authority is fraudulent.He first to commandeer the rulers of the horses, and infringe the matter of the graft, and even then, the matter worse, has reached the ears of the emperor, it is decollation’s SINS, but read in he has a lot of credit for the construction of the Ming dynasty is just scold him a lesson, and this also let he realized that he was able to keep his life because of its status,Zhu Yuanzhang also reluctant to kill himself, then he began to die in the edge of the crazy test, which will lead to the last provoked Zhu Yuanzhang unbearable.03 blockbuster Hu Weiyong killings and Hu Weiyong after zhu yuanzhang hands by luck keeping a life, is becoming more and more unbridled, he knew that he will one day be zhu yuanzhang killed in the morning and evening, instead of waiting to die is not as good as a gamble, so he had the idea of rebellion, he started getting our guards in the dark, to form our own troops, on the other hand,In various ways, he repeatedly bribed Chinese officials to join his camp.And all this, zhu yuanzhang also have noticed, but he is waiting for a moment, looking for an excuse, there happen to be in later sweet XiangMingChao tribute, Hu Weiyong as prime minister to enrich themselves, fasten the under part of the treasure, it was soon to check out, after zhu yuanzhang know feel annoyed, so he will be into the prison,But at this time of Huweyong still do not know repentance, actually also want to blame the six ministry of Rites.At this time of Zhu Yuanzhang can no longer bear the wayward practice of Hu Weyong, the final choice will be put to death, until the execution of Hu Weyong also in the dying to Zhu Yuanzhang anger shouted: “the world so many corrupt officials, you can not kill the end of”, I saw Zhu Yuanzhang sneer, said to him five words: “how know not to kill?”, Hu Yong also feel zhu Yuanzhang words have deep meaning, but haven’t had time to think, they have head.After that the forces of zhu yuanzhang began to Hu Weiyong liquidation, the liquidation it doesn’t matter, we have found out a large number of corruption and favouritism officials and generals, they collusion, bureaucrats shield one another, the number of officials and staff involved in is very large, even zhu yuanzhang some shocked, but he has already made some preparation in advance, and will these all crimes committed to verify one by one.Wait until these corrupt officials listed, zhu yuanzhang also completely unacceptable, was immediately ordered all the related personnel to be put to death, not only that, but more to implicate the nine generations of a family, and the case involved a total of more than thirty thousand people, the more than thirty thousand people have been ordered to kill zhu yuanzhang, the matter is the Ming dynasty shocked Hu Weiyong murder on the whim of the moment, since then,In the officials no longer dare to misbehave, are honest to do their duty more dare not to provoke Zhu Yuanzhang.04 Conclusion although zhu Yuanzhang in dealing with things decisively, but also killed a lot of innocent people, but from another point of view, his means of iron and blood is also very good to consolidate the rule of the Ming Dynasty, clean up the decadent forces in the dynasty, more later emperors laid a good foundation for the country.And his idea and original intention are correct, but the methods and means used are relatively bloody, throughout the Chinese dynasty, which emperor can like Zhu Yuanzhang to kill all corrupt officials?It has to be said that Zhu Yuanzhang did have remarkable results in the governance of corrupt officials.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!