Village trio plays in Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival, the vast rural land in north Shanxi is not as active as in the past, but the strawberry picking garden of haoyu Farmers’ professional cooperative, North village of Xihanling Township, Yungang District, Datong City, is an endless stream of tourists.”They have strawberries and really sweet little tomatoes, and they’re not expensive. This is the second time I’ve brought a friend.””Said xiao Liu, a tourist.As a representative of various “agricultural tourism” in Yungang district in recent years, Haoyu Cooperative, founded in 2020, now receives an average of 100 tourists a day.Pang Xingxing, chairman of the cooperative, is a real “80 after” big guy.At the beginning, despite the opposition of his family resolutely returned home to start his own business, he said: “Can have the present results, can not leave the provincial and district on the policy support, now I have built 12 new steel frame greenhouse, a year alone picking income is about 2 million yuan!”It is understood that the park plans to invest a total of 9 million yuan, all completed, will become the largest multi-functional production practice base in Yungang district.A peck shows the whole panther.Yungang area in recent years, vigorously develop the rural literature brigade, demonstration projects, with the yangs kiln village new ecological park, garden of modern agricultural park, north village, township mouth springs and garden dream garden acetic cure, raise park as the key point, speed up the agricultural harvest, tourism, kang, accommodation and decoration projects, promote the development of the 123 industrial convergence, steady increase farmers’ income.Synchronizing with industrial integration, technological innovation is another strong sound played by Yungang District.Entering the think tank cooperation base jointly built by Yongcheng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. and the College of Animal Science of Shanxi Agricultural University in Kouquan township, experimenter Jia Yumeng is checking the newly arrived cattle embryos.Jia, who graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2020, moved to Datong to work as a resident researcher in the only OPU-IVP dairy cow embryo transfer laboratory in Shanxi Province.”Our laboratory was established on July 1, 2021 to study opU-IVP in vitro embryo transfer technology for dairy cows. It is through this advanced technology that we can independently develop excellent dairy cow germplasm and promote efficient reproduction of dairy cows.”Jia Yumeng introduced.In recent years, Yungang district based on its own situation and advantages, to seed industry innovation as a breakthrough, around seeds and arable land “two key”, develop seed industry revitalization action plan,It has successively completed the construction of four new variety test and demonstration bases of Beicun watermelon, Tong Jiwan vegetable, Kouquan grape and Shangwangou small grains, as well as the Jinshu No.9 breeding project of Datong Huilu Alpine Agriculture Co., LTD., and the modern seed industry innovation project of Datong Yongcheng Animal Husbandry Co., LTD.Whether it is industrial integration or technological innovation, the goal is rural revitalization.The main body of rural revitalization is farmers.In order to firmly defend the bottom line of not returning to poverty on a large scale, Yungang District has made great efforts to improve the ability and ability of farmers, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the team in the field of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and made great efforts to strengthen the skills upgrading training of high-quality farmers, which has achieved remarkable results.”Free ride, car-to-car delivery, free lunch, such a good thing is positive!”Chen Xiuzhen, who lives in Dongdianwan Village of Gaoshan Town, takes a shuttle bus to attend training at Yungang Jinnong Cooperative every day.In 2021, the annual training task of high-quality farmers in Yungang District will be 2,200, and all the training tasks will be completed by the end of the year.More and more farmers have taken the ride, improved their agricultural literacy, but also led the surrounding farmers to increase their income.Not only agricultural skills training, in Yungang District, a variety of skills training in recent years is endless.On the one hand, we should give full play to the leading role of “Mountain sister-in-law”, increase the frequency and level of skill training, improve vocational skills and raise wage income.On the other hand, relying on the same coal group Hongrui labor dispatch company, district enterprises and other enterprises to provide jobs nearby employment.”We will select another 500 jobs suitable for poor people on top of the 1,199 jobs we provided in 2020.Up to now, 675 people have been employed in poverty alleviation households, ensuring that every family with a working population has a wage income.””Said the head of the district’s human and social security bureau.Nowadays, the life of farmers in Yungang District has been greatly changed: all kinds of “agricultural tourism” development is in full swing, scientific and technological innovation achievements are reported frequently, farmers are not idle, charging, working, entrepreneurship everywhere…Through the “trio” of industrial integration, scientific and technological innovation and skills training, Yungang District sings the farmers’ warm vision for a better tomorrow, and also sings the “voice of Yungang” on the road of rural revitalization.Duan Weihua and Li Yanwei