Cheers for the Winter Olympics!Caofeidian dough figurines “Ice Dun Dun” and “Snow Rong Rong” sprout in a circle!

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In hebei tangshan caofeidian fuwa experience hall, fuwa artist hai-hua li, is devoted to knead dough figurine, along with her fingertips dancing, Olympic mascot “ice mound mound” and winter paralympic games mascot “snow taking” will soon be graphically presented itself, expressed her expectation and wishes for the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games.Caofeidian dough figurine is commonly known as “dough figurine”. As a typical Chinese folk art, caofeidian dough figurine is known as “Chinese sculpture” and “three-dimensional painting and silent drama”.The beauty of dough figurines lies in their natural materials, simple craftsmanship and ethereal mood. They are brightly colored and vivid, immortal and can be preserved for a long time, thus having high artistic value and collection value.Caofeidian fuwa from scattered in folk craftsmen of the people, hai-hua li from my grandfather and father’s inheritance, since childhood with her perseverance and understanding, and make the caofeidian fuwa skill reached perfection, her works of art in Malaysia and other countries large art exhibition, in Mongolia in 2016, ji liao culture fair works “datang Cao Fei” won the first prize,So far, her works have amounted to more than 200 categories.Now Caofeidian dough figurines have become quite influential in the local area and are loved by the public.Source | JiYun