Tianqiong high-speed construction, is expected to be completed at the end of next year!

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120km/h connecting Tianfu New District, Xinjin District, Qionglai Expressway project from Sichuan Tianfu New District to Qionglai Recently attracted much attention by Qionglai City (hereinafter referred to as:Day Qiong high-speed) formally entered the stage of comprehensive construction in day on March 29th Qiong high-speed sheep Ann elevated bridge construction site workers are 30 meters long prefabricated box girder to settled for bridge erection work bring days Qiong high-speed sheep Ann overhead construction site of the large bridge the sheep Ann elevated as day Qiong high speed control of the large bridge project The 9.8 km bridge,Two cross nanhe bridge has been completed box girder erection 900 meters pile foundation construction completed 80%, pier column completed 16% of the upper and lower part of the structure construction is being carried out in Shu Road Group Chengyu Company general manager Li Wenhu tianqiong high-speed project construction land recently approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources, formally entered the comprehensive construction stage.At present, the bridge, roadbed, tunnel, communication and other 30 work stations are in full operation, nearly one construction point for every kilometer, more than 600 construction personnel are speeding up the construction.According to the construction plan this year, Tianqiong highway project will complete roadbed engineering 68% bridge culvert engineering 56%, tunnel engineering 40% annual investment 2 billion yuan is expected to be completed at the end of next year the main line is basically completed to get through xinjin district and Qionglai City regional linkage to lay the foundation for the total length of 42.123 kilometers,The project starts from Chengle expansion project connecting to Wenshan Hub of Dengshuangzhen, Xinjin District, via Xinjin District, Tianfu New Area green energy and new material industry functional area of Qionglai City, south side of Qionglai city, ending at Qiongming Expressway connecting to Kongming Hub of Qionglai City.The design speed is 120km/h, with six two-way lanes and 7 interconnecting overpasses (2 hub interconnections). The total investment of the project is 8.652 billion yuan, and the construction period is 3 years.Bring about day Qiong high-speed heavy sheep Ann elevated bridge Bring to ride better experience Ensuring the driving safety Day Qiong high-speed del 1 on the design, from the perspective of the linear indicators, cancel multiple S bending, ensure all grade control within 2%, control the minimum plane curve radius of 2000 meters, greatly improve ride comfort and security;2 the use of magnetic noise reduction expansion joint and variable stiffness bearing scheme, reduce the discomfort of bridge head jumping, reduce noise, reduce the sound pollution of surrounding residents.In the service area construction, 1 Day Qiong high-speed project actively explore “traffic + tourism + industry” new mode, focus on creating an intelligent open Wenjun service area, after completion will also serve The Tianqiong highway and national Highway 318 line, using close to China’s largest liquor liquor industry base – Linqiong industrial park location advantage,Fully drive the development of Qionglai tourism and liquor industry.Bring the sheep Ann heavy elevated bridge beam construction After the completion of day Qiong high speed Will add a connection tianfu new area of the east-west, fast-track high-speed, effectively ease the fame of the high speed, huge traffic pressure, speed up the qionglai city, xinjian area in chengdu “rong o +” strategic system, build up 30 minutes of chengdu economic circle, gold ring power along the regional economic and social development.Tianqiong high speed is sichuan province transportation “13th five-year” development planning in one of the important contact line belongs to G5 Beijing-Kunming expressway Chengdu to Ya ‘an section of the expansion of a section of the double line direct contact Sichuan Tianfu new area and southwest Chengdu area in the future the project will also extend to Ya ‘anIt is not only an important part of The comprehensive transportation system of Chengdu, but also an important supplement to the highway network of Sichuan Province.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com